Please can someone explain what’margins’means… It comes up a lot in forum but I am still waiting for my biopsy results(2 days to go) and not sure what is meant. I have read that it makes the difference between lumpectomy and full mastectomy but not sure why

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Having clear margins is when they’ve taken enough healthy tissue away surrounding the tumour to be sure they’ve cut out all of ther cancer. We’re only talking millimetres, so its not a lot more that they take. If they cant get clear margins, a mastectomy may be necessary, but there are many factors determining that.

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Here’s the link to our web page about breast surgery:

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i had 2 wle surgeries - my fisrt exac tly one year ago today! Anyway, like pp has said, a clear margin is a C free part around the tumor. I had one wle done, and then a second a few weeks later to make sure the margin was big enough.