I wanted to let you know that I had a PM from Marirose’s husband. He was letting us know that she had entered the hospital Jan 3rd and passed the 10th.He said he had to tried to post twice before but it didn’t go through. He said Marirose was a strong courageous woman, who he was proud to have had for a wife. I left him know we had been informed, but glad he thought of us. I told him  Marirose was a supportive part of our “little family”! That she would be greatly missed. FF

She was such a lovely person. Of course I never met her but it just shone out of her posts.

I really miss her …she was always there from when I joinned after my secondary dx …and I was a trembling wreck .
Rip …lovely marirose …we will pour a Bailey’s in the cyber cafe for you .
Carolyn xxxx

I am very sad to read this, God bless Marirose xxx

I miss my skinny friend and ECT ally so much, especially now as my skin mets (and who knows what else)are increasing rapidly. God bless Marierose. x