Hi everyone

When I went to see oncologist Thursday and she was looking at my meds she talked about markers I not got a clue what she meant

Any information be great

Hope you all well


Hi they can get tumour markers from your blood test.lower the better…over last couple years mine have gone up and down depending on treatments…not all oncologists use them…they are just a factor guideline used alongside ct scans and general health…mine do seem to trend. With what’s going on with the c…sharon.xx

Hello Karen
My oncologist doesn’t use tumour markers at all …do feel I’m missing out though !!
He says they are not very accurate for bone Mets but better on liver and lungs Mets.
Probably the cost as they are different to standard blood tests.

Thankyou I had no idea

Karen xx

You will soon get used to the lingo here of what goes on …you are just starting on this journey …I have been on it since October 2015 and learning from the other ladies here all the time.
What I have learnt is everyone is an individual …what works for some …doesn’t for others !!
I just trust my oncologist to do what he thinks is necessary as when I go in to c him …forget all my questions and just want to run out !!

Hi Carolyn / Barton

Thankyou both when I see oncologist I hear things but then when get home remember what she said , this group really helping me get through this I must admit this last few days I have felt positive I have even had a glass prosecco today

Big hugs xxxx

Hi Karen,


like the others have said, Tumor markers are not used by everyone. When I was first diagnosed, was told they arent reliable.Since my recurrence, my oncol has been reading them, I never ask what they are…but recently he mentioned they were down from 1014 to about 300 ish, so I took that as good!


Best wishes, Moijan

Hi moijan tms dropped on the erubulin?

Yes Sharon. 1014 - 300 just on Eribulin!

Hope it works wonders for you!



Me too.:heart:

Whoop whoop for low tumour markers for you all on eribulin …
Fingers crossed

Hi Helen

I think we all think as soon as something new starts happening that it is spreading , I get really bad headaches And am adamant that in gone to my brain,

Sending big hugs

Karen xxx

I know this sounds silly …but I got headaches during my chemo and went opticians …he said it was because I didn’t need my glasses anymore because sometimes chemo can change your vision …I have never needed glasses in twelve years !

Hi Helen Aquarius…well still feel washed out…maybe the steroids are giving you these shakes has happened to me in the past.good luck with your day eight Sharon.x

Thanks Barton, I hope so too!


However, ive been feeling a bit down since the last cycle…think it could be the Eribulin.


Helen, my eyes have deteriorated according to the Ophth. Im thinking the ipad might be doing it.


also I never had shakes, but headaches and feeling twitchy…my partner gets clobbered most days. i think chemo can do that.  I postponed my portacath for another cycle as I just couldnt bear the thought of any more trauma, for the moment.


hope the rest of you are all doing well?


Love and hugs,




ps am off the Brighton for the day on my own tomorrow, despite the train strikes! Taking my bucket and spade lol

Hi moijan.i think we all get snappy its the stress and treatments…how many erubulin have you had now :question: …have a lovely day at the Sharon.go up the new tower? x

Oh Moijan
Hope u have a nice day in Brighton …I have been there a couple of times and like the lanes with all the little craft shops ( and handbags) but my credit card groans at the thought of it !!!
Carolyn xxx

Helen iv been up at five am most days take some oramorph to calm me down…i shouted swear words at next door neighbours friend who wrongfully parked completely over the unlike me .got to say he was young fit and dont even think he heard me…but while he was parked there I got in frenzie.not like me at all…oh god please dont tell me This will carry on…sharonxx

Helen I really felt like throwing a cup of tea at the wall one day.glad I didn’t.but I saw myself doing it.xx

Sorry Sharon and Helen, hadnt realised that this thread was the favoured one for kicking teeth in on!
hadnt looked on here!



sorry i didnt get back to you Barton and evryones else re Brighton. It was an interesting day as lastt day of the railstrike…but got home ok.


had chips on the peir plus a really unhelthy shake. Walked for anout three hours after plonking my btm on a metal seat and bruising my ‘sitting bones’ went to see my chiro the day after just to get my pelvis realigned, in case!


not sure which days evryone is lassooed up to a drip now, but we could all meet in Brighton…or even in Southend as thats where Sharon seems to build her sand castles!..


How about it, Barton, Karent, Maria Louise? Are you up for a day in Brighton on the rocks, with Helen, Sharon and I?


ill buy you all an ice cream!


a little far for you Carolyn, but next time we could all pile into Helens car and sleep on your sofa!