MaryLou Hiya Louise,

How’s it going??? Hope your feeling well!

love Gilly xxx

Hi Hi Gilly
How are you?
Not feeling to good, when do the kids go back!!! although i love them dearly, i have not had one day to myself to do what i want since… i can’t remember!!
Hubbys just gone back to work today after having 3 weeks off, he has been fantastic, but if he asks me what i am doing one more time i will scream!! No he really has been fantastic, but i do keep telling him i’ve still got a way to go yet.
Did you have any probs having your chemo??
I still have a little bit of my scar where they went in the last time that hasn’t healed properly & i don’t want it to delay my treatment, my surgeon told me it should heal eventually!!!
Oh, & i also saw my mammogram from where they put the needle marker in just before my first op in Jan, baring in mind i was dx with dcis, the needle marker was smack bang above the 11mm tumour they took out & nowhere near the dcis!!! no wonder they didn’t get clear margins. My surgeon told me someone made a mistake!!! There’s confidence for you.
Anyway how are you? what have you been doing over the hols? anything daringly reckless? How are the children? Do you feel like you’r getting back to normal now?
you take care
Luv Louise xxx

Morning Hiya Louise

Sorry not replied but been busy doing nothing really and dont get the computer much with the kids off (15yr old on MSN).

Good luck for tomorrow, take a bottle of water with you and try and drink as much as you can after cause it helps it through your body so they say anyway, i didnt for the first one and i felt rough, all the others i drank loads through the night as well and it wasnt as bad. Your wee will be red for 24 hrs after as well thats the erubicin, they didnt tell me that and i thought my kidneys had packed up. Some mints as well for the clear one cause that made my nose and throat taste foul and made me feel stuffy, the drip ones the easiest cause they leave you for 30 mins, it takes about 1 1/2 hrs all together, your hubby can stay with you for the first one.

Back to work tomorrow, feel a bit scared of being normal to be honest, feels really weird after 10mths off but i will be thinking of you.

Who’s your onc??? Mines DR DOO as they call him, Otim Oyet, i find him good but sometimes he doesnt listen and you always have to wait to see him.

Let me know how you go on tomorrow and think only 5 more to go, it does go quite quick to be honest and expect to feel rough for about 4 days but you do pick up really quick after.

Another bit of advise(hope you dont mind) take your steroids at lunch time not tea time cause they keep you awake, i took mine at 7 in the morning and at 12 o’clock lunch time, the anti sickness ones are ok but the steroid ones did me in the first time, i took them at 6 o’clock at night and didnt sleep at all, eyes were closed but was wide awake underneath.

Take care

Love Gilly xxx