Masectomy and breast reduction on other breast

hi all

I go into hospial on Thursday for a masectomy and breast reduction.  Has anyone here had the same surgery.  What was your recovery time? What if any sort of clothing can you recommend.  Very concerned as only recently had hysterectomy for stage 1 ovarian cancer so have back and pelvic problems from this.  Any help/advice would be appreciated.  Thanks

Hi Lynne1955

I am sorry that you have not had a response yet, hopefully someone will be along very soon.  I hope your surgery was OK and that you are recovering well.  If you have any questions, concerns or worries, please call our fantastic support line who will be glad to hear from you.  0808 800 6000.

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Hi Lynne,

I’m sorry you haven’t had a response either. I think this confirms my suspicions that there aren’t many of us who have a single mastectomy and need a reduction on the other later. Please tell me how it went? I just had a single mastectomy, I want them both off after chemo but my doctor is trying to talk me into a reduction and reconstruction. I would love to hear your thoughts…


Hi. I am also interested in this thread. I had a therapeutic mammoplasty on 2nd December. My tumor was too big for a lumpectomy and there was an additional area for concern shown on my Mir. I am planning on a breast reduction for the other breast in the future. My consultant is suggesting in 12months time. I have an appointment on 5th January for the path and biopsy results so fingers crossed for clear margins.
In terms of recovery I am just over 2 weeks post op and doing more each day. The actual breast wound is healing well and not causing any pain. The node biopsy sight is more problematic but nothing too unbearable.
I had some difficulties initially with finding suitable bras but the ladies on this forum and Amazon to the rescue! I admit to wearing my husbands tshirts over leggings whilst at home but I did don “normal” clothes yesterday when I went to meet friends, for the first time. I have found most tops are ok apart from horizontal stripes. You can really spot my “little & large” then!
I’m sure by now you are well on the way to the next challenge.
Please keep writing and let us know how you are doing.

Good look for Thursday, I’ve just had mastectomy and reconstruction by implant and dermal flap. I was in for 3 days because it was quite painful and I needed morphine but a week on I’m only taking paracetamol. I’m afraid I’m not much help but I just wore the hospital gown and came home in some button front pjs. Button up is much easier than over the head. I would also take some baby wipes to keep fresh, a sponge/flannel and  lip balm.


hope it all goes well for you.

Forgot to say I am having a reduction on the non reconstructed side so am currently sporting on B cup and one D cup. The nurse has said she would give me a temporary prosthesis until the reduction is done. For me my priority was getting all the treatment done before aesthetics as I was very concerned about secondary cancer. It cant be that uncommon with the restrictions on the size of implants,we can’t be the only large breasted women!

I had the same feeling as you I just want to deal with the crappy stuff then sort out the pretty stuff. I am currently modelling a B and a DD known as little and large! Can’t say I have been too bothered by the uneveness up to now. Just more concerned by waiting for results on margins etc. Heard yesterday margins are clear!! Whoop whoop. Still got chemo to go but 1 day at a time. I have got an appointment next week to have a temporary prosthesis to even me up. I must admit I hadn’t even thought about it in the overall scheme of things. I have just been avoiding stripes and wearing floaty scarves if I felt the need to appear " normal". Thank goodness for cold weather baggy tops and lots of layers ?
Jan x

Hi I had a mastectomy, implant and breast reduction at the same time, December 2014. I was a j cup and so relieved when the surgeon at East Grinstead offered an immediate reduction. The implant boob sits higher and is very pert. The reduced one has already dropped but is still fine. I have settled down to a dd to e cup depending on the make of bra. The natural one is a cup size larger but dressed I look even. Recovery time realistically was a couple of months before I was was up to doing much. In fact I would say about week 20 I really turned the corner. My advice is to take pain medication when you need it. Rest as much as possible. Look after your scars. I regularly used bio oil or vitamin e cream after showering once surgeon gave me go ahead.


I have healed beautifully and I have trouble finding the scar on my reduced boob. The nipple they made smaller and reattached it looks ok but no sensitivity. i had excess skin and fat removed (dog ears) from the sides in October 2015, I also had a nipple made for the implant breast and that was tattooed this week. Although I miss my boobs, I am able to do so much more with smaller boobs. I always try to look for the positive.


When you first see them after the op it may be a huge shock. I know I was horrified as I had 5 boobs! This is due to all the swelling and excess side fat and skin. Unless you are very thin, apparently most women experience “side boobs”. I did wear the Macom surgical bra for several months, and still wear it for the gym and days when I am sore. I know it is ok to wear under wired bras but I personally haven’t tried yet. Clothes wise I was ok with everything, except my body shape had totally changed due to the reduction so a new wardrobe was required! In the first couple of months avoid scratchy hard clothes as your skin will be sensitive. I wore lots of loose flowing jersey or soft knit tops. It can be difficult to lift both arms in the first few weeks so button up tops unless someone can help you. 


I hope this helps others. I very rarely visit this site now. Do use the site as others stories help.