Masectomy and Recon


I have spoken to by bcn this morning (she’s lovely). I had a list of 16 questions for her! I know now a little more. They had a multi-discipline meeting and all checked my mammo, us and other tests. They concluded that the best course of action would be a simply masectomy. I have pagets, but the core biopsy of microcalc (18mm) showed some indications that there may be something invasive there, but inconclusive - although no lumps - they dont know grade etc until after masectomy. At my last meeting they did think it was localised the nipple area since all they could find were the microcalc behind the nipple. The good news I did get was that the plastic surgeon does do the diep I wanted. There is a place-holder on my file waiting until see the plastic surgeon on Thursday. I did ask if they did immed recons there, and she told me that they did very few since the ps are naturally perfectionsists and dont like to do them if they think their work will be damaged by treatment. I guess he will air on the side of caution and advise me not to do and wait til later. However, she did say that my masec wouldnt be skinsoncerving unless I had the immed recon.

Therefore my questions are:
Is there anyone here who has had a diep delayed or immed - what is the best option?
Is there an intermediate solution for skin conserving with temp implant?

Thanks Ladies for all of your support.

Everyone is different, but I had DIEP flap on 31st Jan 08 & know it was the right thing for me.

The thought of waking up & having nothing on one side, then later surgery going through scar tissue, filled me with dread. The other thing that made my mind up was the thought of repeated visits to hospital with implants.

It all went well, also had reduction on other side. Great thing is don’t need any more treatment, so I feel very lucky.
I’m amazed at my recovery, went back to work last week & am hoping to do a novice triathlon as well as race for life this summer. Still having a few aches & pains, but that is to be expected I suppose, & I feel the need to push myself as much as I can.

Keep positive & above all keep smiling (told everyone that I was having a tummy tuck & boob job)

Good luck x

Hi Kandsi
Hey - that’s great news. I love hearing good news!
Good luck for the race!

I have done the race for life in the past, and the Great North Run.
The GNR - phew, never again! The Race for Life - im going to do it every year from now on! I would this year if I could.