masectomy bra prices

please could any1 give advice on the prices of buyin masectomy bras? the most affordable wud b better lol,the dearest 1 av heard ov is around £80. surely u can buy them at a much cheaper price? please leave comments thanku x

hi teasea we have already touched on this subject. Try george at Asda they have very affordable masectomy bras in that do the job …only black or white i,m afraid…thou…

Hi teasea

Google mastectomy bras they have a couple of good sites on there and the prices are reasonable, had a look myself, having my mastectomy tomorrow

Deb x

hi Deb
just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow…hope everything goes well…
Dynamite xxx

HI Dynamite

Thanks for your good wishes remarkably calm today, whats going on??? i have been a state for weeks now and now found a new calmness must be something to do with going to the cinema and watching a bit of Ewan McGregor that could perk anyone up!!!
Debs x

Ewan would do it for me every time !!!
Keep smiling …And think happy thoughts …
Dynamite xx
p.s. i to was quite calm when i had my masectomy seem more worried about reconstruction !!!

Hi teasea

Mastectomy bras can be dreadfully expensive. I bought mine from Ambrose Wilson - Royce was the make - they are £19 each which I consider extremely reasonable compared to some makes I have looked at.

However, whilst browsing ebay the other night there is a seller called ellies underwear emporium that has a range of mastectomy bras that are priced at £8.50 or 11.50 + 2.99 postage. I have purchased one of the £8.50 ones and have to say that it is absolutely fantastic!

Hope this helps

Margaret x

thanku so much 4 ur answers x x gud luk 2mos deb hope everythin goes well 4 u x x

Debs - Best of luck for your operation. I had my op. mid March and all went well for me.

Teasea - Amoena sent me a catalogue with vouchers for 10% off your first order, one bra half price and free post. So that could reduce the price for you.

Pauline x

deb,don’t know you,but good luck,i had both breasts removed ,and we have alot more confidence and inner strength than what we think we do,hated the bloody drains but that was only for a week or so!!!

M&S do post surgery bras…not a huge selection but I have three of theirs. Average price about £16 and you get them VAT free.


Good luck for tomorrow Debs, I had mastectomy a year ago now…hardly hurt at all (except emotionally)! Now have a very thin white scar which I am learning to make friends with!

once again thanku 4 reply’s it really has helped me+my mum x

I had a masectomy 2 and a half years ago, I have used Nicola Jane bras, about £20 - £30 each and have nice colours and styles. Quick service. They also do swimwear. And a post surgery bra. And they send you regular catalogues.
0845 095 2121.
I went to their shop in Chichester to be measured first of all but then bought mail order. They are very friendly. They’ve also got a shop in London and Leeds.

Just to let u know i was gobsmacked at the price of mastectomy and the look of them. We need to look feminine when we have had one or both breasts removed not like some frump !!!. I found M&S only did one bra albeit its a lovely pink lace and it looks lovely but found on the “tinterweb” a company called NIchola Jane, and they are great. They have shops at Chichester,London and Leeds. I live local to Leeds so went over to the shop. They do a bra fitting service but if u know your correct bra size they advised me to buy a cup size bigger. If u go on line u can order a catalogue so u can see the full range and their delivery is great, I ordered one day and it was delivered the next. They even sell tops and swimwear. I found the bras slightly more expensive, but not as dear as some on the internet. They know we have to have them but the bras i bought from the Nicola Jane were not that much expensive and very pretty too.