Would love to chat with someone going through the same, had a mastectomy and sn biopsy on Friday after lumpectomy didn’t give a clear margin. Results next Wed. I was diagnosed as having dcis so hoping it’s all gone. Couldn’t think about a reconstruction not interested just the thought put me off.

I’d love mine removed. Starting to hate the bloody thing!
No clear margin for me neither, so another go next week. Quite suprised you don’t have your path results, but the margin has been looked at. Mine was all done at the same time.

Hello Donnie
I had dx of DCIS had lumpectomy and SLNB done in june they found some invasive at this point so had mx as tumour large (4.2cm) grade 3 and aggressive in july. No immediate recon as i want 2nd mx and having tummy tuck to make 2 news boobs when all treatment done. I’m HER2 pos and mild ER pos. The HER2 has been my prob as now starting chemo next week and then just been told rads too as tumour was very deep! The plan has changed quite a few times but each time you move to the next specialist they know more about that stage and make more detailed decisions. The waiting is the pits and i really struggle when i don’t know the plan have just waited 7 weeks to see oncology saw them yest and got some info i’m not keen on but now i have a plan i feel more controlled about it all… My mastectomy results were clear and i am now cancer free just need to do this other stuff to mop up and bash any stray cells

Good luck and keep us posted hun - big hugs

Michelle xxxx

Oh hun you have really had a tough time, but your getting through it and your almost there. Such a rotten bombshell one day life is normal next it’s upside down, your right the waiting is just the worst. You take care, and I will let you know how I get on next week, my hair be white by then.

Lots hugs D xxxxx