Massage on scar after DIEP surgery

I am 7 months post DIEP surgery and I had a few problems with my tummy scar as I had about two weeks of leaking from the operation site. Once the leaking stopped the scar started to heal but the scar itself felt every hard and felt like there was a length of rope underneath it. I spoke to the surgeon who said that it was totally normal and that I should have been massaging the scar as soon as it felt comfortable to do so.

My tummy has felt really tight since the operation - almost like there is a weight pressing down on it and it has been really uncomfortable of a night as I would wake up every time I turned over in my sleep as I couldn’t turn over without pushing myself into a sitting position and then turning over and laying down again.

I started seeing an osteopath about 3 months ago and she has been massaging my scar on a weekly basis and the results have been really impressive!

The ‘ropiness’ has almost gone and the tightness in my tummy is vastly improved too.

It may well have improved over time without her intervention but I certainly feel that she has helped it heal quicker - if only enabling the blood supply to get back to the scar to help it recover better.

Bear it in mind if you’re having similar problems to those that I had



I recently saw an osteopath and I feel fantastic too! I was having awful pain right side of my neck and down the spine. Osteo says it was very tight all down my right side, which could have been because I was compensating for the left side - the side I had the mastectomy. I realised I had been afraid to use my left arm, so the right was doing all the work.:slight_smile:

I am considering a DIEP flap, so your information is very helpful. The tummy scar sounds like the worst part of the operation, and I expect you would have to gently massage it to keep things supple?

hope your scar  heals well:)x x