MASSAGES AND HEALTH SPAS Hi all - Before I was diagnosed with BC in May 2005 every year me and my sister would go to a Health Farm for a couple of days for a treat. I soooooo loved the massages and therapy pools. I have heard that once you have had BC to avoid massages and therapy pools - does anyone know if this is forever or just when undergoing treatment. I do not have an appointment with my consultant for a few months and looking at going to health farm in October. If body massages are out what about neck and shoulder and leg massages - anyone out there can help me Love Sandra

Not quite sure? HI Sandra

I too was a little confused about having a massage, but I think that its just whilst you are having treatment, I would perhaps ring the breast care nurse, or maybe the breast cancer care centre who have been a great source of help to me.

Love Debbie

me too Hi Sandra

I heard this too and I think it was in relation to when you have your lymph nodes removed. My BC nurse did say that my arm would have difficulty with build up of fluids and some not all massages can cause problems. Still unsure has to which ones though!!

We keep reading to see if anyone knows!


Massage Went on a spa day about 4 weeks after finshed chemo and before rads start - the therapist checked with her boss after hearing my health history and was given the go ahead tfor an aromatherapy massage but was careful around the op site under my arm.

Aronatherapy massage is also one of the complimentary therapies offered at the hospital where I go for my refexology. So is Indian Head Massage.

So I would think that as long as whoever does it is aware of your health situation it would be okay.

It was fab by the way! Enjoy!


Thanks girls for the advice - I think I will go for it if when I have filled in the medical questionnaire they are happy to do it - feels like life is getting back to some kind of normality with pleasurable bits in at last - will keep you updated but not going for about 6 weeks Love Sandra

My neighbour`s sister who lives in Italy just recently had lymphoedema after 5 years of BC following a spell in a jacuzzi. So take Care.