Mastectomy and hormone therapy only

Hello everyone,

Are there any ladies who have had a mastectomy and
are having hormone therapy only?

I got my results yesterday and am very pleased that
I don’t need more protracted treatment, but feel
somewhat out on a limb.

Many of the ladies with IBC appear to have several treatments
and I was just wondering if there were any like me who
are having hormone therapy only (Zoladex and Arimadex(sp)
can’t take tamoxifen due to polyps)



Just bumping this up …

hi tinkerbelle i had a mastectomy in march and i only take hormone tablets i have femara and was overjoyed to be told my results were clear still worry a little though hope u are ok

Hi Tinkerbelle

I had my mastectomy Feb 07, radiotherapy, dx secondaries Mar 07,no chemo. On Tamoxifen for 1 year, then on femara ever since. Hormone tablets have worked well for me so far.

Take care x

Hi Tinkerbelle

I had a mastectomy in June following 2 wle, will only be having hormone therapy, got my first prescription of tamoxifen this week, like you i was pleased that this was the only treatment i will need …but i do understand the way you are feeling!!

best wishes x

Hi Tinkerbell

Snap! I had mx & immediate recon & was told that I would just have tamoxifen for 5 years. Little concerned as when breast tissue was examnined, it was found that some of DCIS had turned invaive but obvously, they feel that I’m as ‘safe’ as possible. I was told that although they have removed all breast tissue (kept skin), the tamoxifen would help if any ‘stray’ cancer cells were remaining. Must admit, I’m still a little concerned but think this is a natural state of mind in the eary days.

Lots of love. Cathy x

Thanks for the replies ladies,

I have been on holiday and unable to post.

It was good to see that I am not the only one.

How is everyone getting on with the hormones
i.e. side effects?