mastectomy and imm recon 3 months on

hi i had a mastectomy and reco straight away in DEC. i have done exercises and all is well except i cant get arm up at back to reach bra strap but always struggled before…
i was just wondering if anyone still suffers aches pains etc . i seem to have different pains each week they are all bearable. i don’t go to doctor its not that bad. i don’t like ringing BC nurse as when did before they weren’t sure what is normal at this stage.
my main area is when i put my arm down at my side and my side itself. back feels stiff. i had ld flap.
when i look at myself with arm up i have lots of rolls could be fat fluid or just how the op looks not sure.
anyone else look or fell the same.
dull day in bedford today

Hi Julie,

I am a bit further on, I had my op in November. I do not have any trouble with my arm movements and can reach round the back ok. My back feels stiff at times, I am hoping it will ease with time as the scar loosens. I keep massaging in bio-oil or calendula cream to keep it supple. I find that the recon. firms up at times and I get pins and needles sensation in part of my back, I’m hoping it is just everything settling down. I haven’t got any rolls, just the indentation of the scar. I am having rads at the moment,( I decided to risk it for peace of mind as my tumour was close to the skin and chest wall), and I have had some interesting sensations which I put down to them.
I have an appointment in June with the surgeon for the nipple recon. so I shall ask then if I am still getting any problems.
Are you on any hormone treatment? they can give you aches and pains.
Best wishes, and keep doing exercises.