Mastectomy and lymph clearance tomorrow

Finished work yesterday, been busy trying to organise things there and sort out my temp replacement. Hoping to get back to work in 3-4 weeks for a couple of weeks before I start chemo, then I am hoping I will be able to work from home during treatment.
Not got things organised as much as I would like at home as was only diagnosed on 22nd. Cooked a few meals for freezer and will do a clean round in morning before I go to hospital for my pre op assessment at lunchtime. It all seems surreal like a project that I’m planning. Not even thought about how I will feel when I wake up on Saturday morning in hospital with my left boob gone. Though know my next “project” is to get through chemo but one project at a time!.
Not been a great sleeper for a few years but been worse since diagnosed really hoping that improves. Grateful for this site as I spend early hours of the mornings on here looking for hope and inspiration .
Thanks to everyone for their support . X

hi hun will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending love and positive vibes xxx

Big hugs for tomoz please let us know how it all went xxxxxx

Hi Sib,

Hope your pre-op assessment goes ok today. Thinking of you and sending a hug xx

I’ve sent you a longer reply on the bone scan thread xx

Sending hugs and positive thoughts. xxx

Hi Sib,

Hope it went ok at the hospital today and thinking of you for tomorrow. Sending a big hug xx

Hi Sib,
I’ve been thinking about you today. I hope everything has gone well. Sending hugs and love xx

Hi everyone. Op went OK yesterday. After night on HDU I am in ‘normal’ ward. Up dressed with my make up on. Not sure it will last but taking each day as it comes. Thanks for hugs and kind thoughts it means a lot. Xxxx

I’m good Thanks, moving about much easier just a bit easy tired. MIGHT get drain and home tomorrow. ?xxx

Happy to hear that you are up and about (albeit only a little). Take it one day at a time xx