mastectomy and pain in ribs, anyone else?

Hi, i had a double mast in june last year, i suffer from rib pain and been told may be a mix of operation and hormone therapy! anyone else get this? x

I had a mastectomy on 20th April and wake every morning with a pain on the side. It’s ‘sore’ and quite difficult to roll over.

Once I’ve moved it’s fine and if I touch the area, there’s no discomfort.

Because it’s a once a day thing, I haven’t done anything about it.

I haven’t had hormone therapy.

I had a bilat in oct 08, I had radiotherapy to one side. I found that when sleeping I would often be woken up with pain in my ribs due to being laid on that side. I also felt the side that took the radiotherapy felt like the skin was fused or fusing to my ribs. I have since had physio and I think this has helped as I do not wake up now when laying on that side.

Angela xx

I had a double mastectomy in Feb 09 and I am still suffering with Pain across my chest it wakes me several times a night it is a tight crushing pain and very sore one side if I am laying on my side, went to GP this week he said take a Ibroprofin every night. and prescribed
Amitriptyline a mild dose of anti depressent that they use for pain now. If I am moving about in the day it just feels slightly uncomfortable, it just seems to seize up at night.
I will let you know if the medication makes it better at least I have slept well the last few nights.