mastectomy and reconstruction

Feel very down as have been had one mastectomy and that I need the other breast removed because of increased chances of cancer in that breast and that it took a year for my previous tumours to be diagnosed. Luckily for me it wasn’t aggressive as I wouldn’t be here now according to surgeon. I am due to have reconstruction at same time but have got to lose five stone first which I am working on. The thing is they said they will discuss with me in six months time whether I can wait to have both done at the same time or have a mastectomy and reconstruction further down the line. I feel up in the air as I don’t know how soon they want to remove the breast. Expect they want to see I am losing weight but I want to know how urgent the mastectomy is. Also how long does it take to recover from a reconstruction?

Hi Fluffy, i had a left sided mastectomy, with immediate back muscle recon, that was just over two months ago and i am doing quite well, bit sore, but no more than i expected, if your at all worried you should talk to your bc nurse, or ring the helpline on here, its very good, so sorry that you have the added pressure of having to lose weight, have they referred you to a dietician? if not, ask, its not easy to lose weight, regardless of the need to and that extra help and support is vital.

hope to hear back from you soon