Mastectomy early days feeling uncomfortable

hello can I ask for help please. Having had a single mastectomy this week im finding wearing the bra very uncomfortable. I can discount the tenderness with drains etc but im feeling awfully lop-sided and want to get some tips so that I can look forward by having a positive plan to solve this problem? I dont want reconstruction so at the moment feel like a one sided sling would be better although shocking for the natives! Thank you kind regards to you all Sue

Dear Sue

I am sorry that you havent had any responses as yet.  Please do give our support line a call with any questions you may have.  0808 800 6000

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Hi Sue I know all hospital trusts work in different ways but I was provided with a front fastening bra and softy to wear in the hospital and take home. This helped it was not long after that I git an appointment to be fitted with a prosthesis at the hospital. Matalan have some pocket bras. And I have found that I look normal and feel normal now but I do not think I will be wearing low neck dresses and will have to find a good swimsuit for next summer. One tip the lady who supplied the prosthesis gave me. Was to get some cotton knickers  cut up pieces and sew a pocket in your existing bras not underwired as they are not comfortable to wear. Not tried it but good idea. Good luck.

Hi Sue54

After I had my Mastectomy I couldn’t stand anything near the scar - too sore - but went to Matalan and they have some crop tops which are pocketed - very soft and not uncomfortable.  I went to the hospital for my prothesis and have also found two web sites that do post surgery bras- Amoena and Nicola Jane, both have nice bras - not just plain and dowdy looking.

Aww sue I really sympathize…yr post has really helped me though, knowing yr feeling exactly the same. I’m two weeks after my single mastectomy, and the lopsided feeling is making me very low, it feels so freakish! I really want to support the other one from wobbly around!!! But I tried on a soft crop top and just couldn’t stand anything near the wound or armpit, it felt so tight and uncomfortable. Reading these posts are helping tonight, as I’m still napping on and off during the day and everything, especially being around people, is just draining me. I feel I should be on cloud nine, because the surgery is over but I’m so low and tearful. Is this normal? Sue big hugs…we are all here xx

Pink74, YEAH, you do feel freakish. I’ve spent the last 9 yrs feeling “freakish”. Not so bad now I’ve got a bit of shape back in front and SIDES from part way recon with silicons. Two weeks is still very early and RAW. I promise, in about another two weeks, when your wound’s better healed, and you get on to your BCN and book appointment to be fitted with a proper prosthesis AND bar, you’ll feel tons better. Have you not got a softie at the mo’ to put in your normal bra or is your bra uncomfey too ??

Althouh it’s good to try to get used to “accepting” your “new” shape, it’s not always a good idea to stand and STUDY yourself.

Am guessing you haven’t had recon, but DON’T forget - that’s always there as an option. If you’re struggling now, and espesh if you’re single, my suggesation would be to get it done ASAP. It’s then done, out of the way and then not holding you back like my lack of two have me.

Be gentle on yourself

Delly xx 

Tomorrow will be two weeks since my single mx.  I have seroma which makes my skin feel burnt and wearing a bra and/or clothes has been a challenge.  I was (am?!) large breased and need some support for the other breast.  I have mostly worn a soft strappy top with built in bra shelf around the house as the seams avoid most of the scars.  A silk scarf between my scar, armpit and top helps a lot with rubbing/chafing and general soreness, but the biggest help for me is distraction - walking the dog, small chores around the house, etc, depending on energy levels :slight_smile:

Me too!! I’m feeling so lopsided and very weird,just 3 weeks after my mastectomy. I’m finding all crop tops and soft bras a no go, far too sensitive under my armpit and wound. I’m sure I would feel much better if the other ones supported too!! Big hugs xxx

Hi All, new to this thread, was previously on one for chemotherapy and found it really useful. I had a single mastectomy and lymph node clearance 2 weeks ago, I didn’t enjoy the drain much and had to have it removed a day early as it had started to leak and I had to go in this Tuesday to have build up of fluid removed, but I already feel like it is swelling again, has anyone else had this problem?.

The nurse at the breast care clinic said its best to leave as long as possible between drains as the body gets used to it but not sure if I will make it through the weekend at this rate. The actual scar isn’t too bad, slightly itchy as it’s healing but it’s where the lymph nodes have been removed is an awful burning sensation, odd stabbing pains and so tender to the touch. I’m presuming this is all normal but getting pretty fed up with it!!. 

Hi Mazzi - am pleased to meet you and well done for doing yourself a reeeally helpful favour in utilising this fantastically helpful Forum. A BRILLIANT idea of someone (must look into whom exactly). I’m a 9 and 8 yr Mastectomier so I can offer good advice ref “seroma’s”, the swelling’s you’re experiencing. Before I do, I just want to say how sorry I am to hear your diagnosis and of your chemo and surgery treatment.  I’m hoping you were given a contact no. to call for having seroma’s drained, because you don’t want to let the fluid build up too much. I had to have 3 “aspirations” (i.e. the fluid “drawn” off using a hyperdermic needle,(not as bad as it sounds!! ) with my 1st mast and 2 with my 2nd mast. If it’s reached the size of an EGG, get it drained a.s.a.p. Otherwise, it can PREVENT the skin from healing ONTO the underlying structures, i.e. the ribs. Hence I say to have drained immediately. Afraid what your nurse has told you isn’t so. You may, as I did, need 2-3 seroma’s drained BEFORE the body starts to absorb smaller, lesser amounts of fluid build up. Please take it from one who knows and has DIRECTLY experienced wht you’re describing and talking about. I doubt you’re BCN has “directly experienced” ANY of this whole BC experience herself. If you HAVE to arrange this “aspiration/draining” through her and she’s at all RESISTANT to you having it done - PLEASE either ask to change your BCN or contact your surgeon/consultant DIRECT. Her info ISN’T correct. After “draining”, it is likely to build up again, but more slowly, BUT EXPECT to need it AGAIN another 2nd, maybe 3rd time, and THEN it MAY start easing off, when the body starts to absorb SMALLER amounts of fluid build-up. Please DON’T even think about making it through the weekend - You shouldn’t HAVE to !! If the seroma swelling IS the size of an egg, please phone 'em tomorrow Mazzi and do NOT take NO for an answer.  I have a medical background and knowledge, as well as directly experiencing what you’re suffering,  so pleease TRUST and take it from me. OK ?? Don’t take any cr*p - some BCN’s are fantastic and very conscientious, do a fabulous job to support and take care of you/us. But, as with anything these days, there are those who aren’t SO bothered. 

Please keep in touch lovey, will you. Keep us up to date with how you’re doing, and if you need some support, a good rant, moan, sob - I and loads of others are here for you. You don’t have to go through ANY of this ALONE. Use us to PROP you up. And you never know - YOU may be PROPPING some of us up at sometime 'cos you never know for sure, WHAT’S going on with this bleeeepin disease. 

Hope this has been of some help to you. I tend to go on a bit, BUT it’s ALL important “going on a bit” !! Yeah??

DoolallyDelly xx