Mastectomy in 6 days scared

And I hope your armpit starts to smell a bit sweeter soon! That did make me laugh :joy:

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Thanks diddy!!! :smile:

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Results are in;
No spread; downgraded to grade 1 Stage 1
5 nodes clear no vascular invasion .4 tumours not 3 all grade1 and under 1cm ( ultrasound said 2.2cms) Tamoxifen for 5 years not letrozole as onco says early stage fewer side effects?
Slight Seroma which will absorb as I heal.
I have been warned I need to recover slowly both physically and psychologically.



Thank you for updating us :blush:

The advice you’ve received is spot on, take your time, allow your body and mind to heal, checkin with us on the forum and if you want to talk to other ladies in real life who “get it” maybe look at joining a local breast cancer group?

Sending you lots of healing hugs

AM xxx

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All things considered, they’re really good results @joyousjen :blush: So pleased your nodes are clear - that was my biggest worry.
I’m on letrozole and do suffer quite badly with the side effects, so hopefully you’ll do well with tamoxifen.
Now to concentrate on getting better physically and emotionally. There will be days when it will hit you like a ton of bricks, and other days where you’ll feel on top of the world and grateful to be alive. It’s a process that we all have to navigate… just be kind to yourself and go with how you feel. Chocolate is a great healer! (And a celebratory glass of fizz?)
Keep us posted xx

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Thank you lovely ladies :heart:

Got a seroma that looks like a phantom boob! It’s definitely mobile fluid sloshing around. Still got movement and not too sore so I will leave it be and hope it gets reabsorbed soon! Nurse yesterday didn’t seem phased by it and didnt want to aspirate. I have been trying to get my head around being flat on the left side and this isn’t helping because I’m not flat!
Have a lovely weekend Xx

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I’m almost 8 weeks left side flat. I started going without my softie at home after about 5 weeks, because I couldn’t be bothered fiddling about with putting it in my bra when changing it after washing. I was still a little self conscious if other people came to me. Now I don’t really think about it when I’m just out and about, but I do still for meeting up with people. We’re coming into winter so wearing layers helps to hide lopsidedness. Not sure how I’ll feel next summer, but hopefully I’ll be having reconstruction around then x

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Seroma getting me down a bit as it looks like a new breast and I can’t look at it after trying to get my head around being flat. Breast nurse going to call me today. Hopefully will resolve in a few weeks with no aspiration. Wearing a sports bra day and night although it’s a bit uncomfortable Xx


So sorry you’re having trouble with a seroma… I’m sure you just want to crack on and put things behind you. I had a couple of seromas on my reconstruction while in hospital but they quickly resolved. Hope yours does too and the nurse can reassure you today.
Take care xx

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