mastectomy is my option?

hello I am in my early 30s and I was diagnosed with high grade dcis, I did lumpectomy and the consultant suggested that i do either radiotherapy or mastectomy. I even performed a genetic testing which resulted that i have the mre11a gene that makes me susceptible for breast cancer by 30 % more than the general population. In your opinion shall I opt for mastectomy? 

Hi Tin85, so sorry that you find yourself here but it is the best place for support.  Yes go for the mastectomy! I had high grade dcis and had a lumpectomy and radiotherapy.  A year later I had invasive BC!  I wish I had been 0ffered the mastectomy the first time around. So go for the mastectomy and follow your doctors advice.  Good luck with treatment xx

Hi tin85

I had a radical mastectomy in December, reconstruction will follow in June. 

I had a large tumour so had no choice re mastectomy, however I’m happy that Iv had it done.

its a strange feeling having one boob, however I’m now use to it and I’m now cancer free.

its a big decision, however my feeling is best to ensure you get the gremlin out once and for all, then look forward to new boobs later or sooner. 


I had my masectomy and lymph removal a week ago today I had fairly large tumour so no choice in matter really. It was reconstructed at the same time. I got home after 2 days and so far everything is going as expected. Yes its uncomfortable and the pain is a little exhausting but feel much better than I thought I would. The thought is definitely scarier than the actual event. 

Thoughts are with you.


11 years ago I went into surgery with DCIS not knowing whether I would wake up after a Mastectomy…“fortunately” I only had a lumpectomy and have become accustomed to my lopsided look - I considered a reconstruction but it would have meant interfering with the other breast (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!)I’ve recently been diagnosed with Pagets Disease (possibly a development from the DCIS) and have been told it’s definitely a Mastectomy this time…I’m so relaxed about the idea now, having had the fear so many years ago, that I’m going to fight for a double mastectomy…I’m quite looking forward to being flat chested!