Mastectomy/node clearance

Dear All

After my final Taxotere in a couple of weeks I will be booked in for mastectomy and node clearance.

Can you give me an idea of how long I will be in hospital and how long roughly the recovery time is? I will not be having an immediate reconstruction, will get the rads out of the way first.

Cecelia. x

Hi Cecelia

I had a left mastectomy, node clearance and in my case a becker implant in May this year. I had the operation on a Tuesday quite late and was home again the following Monday. I waited until the drains were finally out though I have heard that some people go home with them still in. It really wasn’t bad at all - just uncomfortable, but I was up and running the first morning. It is much easier than chemo! Not sure if you have had surgery before. I had an energency appendix in 2001 and that was much worse in terms of pain!

Good luck with it all and well done surviving the taxotere! I have one more to go…



Thanks Dilys

That is heartening! I have had emergency appendix too so if it’s not as bad as that it shouldn’t be too bad at all!

Good luck to you too for your last Taxotere, my last on on 26th Oct, yahoo!

Cecelia. x

Cecelia , my sister had her Mastectomy and node clearance on the thursday morning and came home Friday afternoon with one drain in !. She said it wasn’t as bad as the oophrectomy she had had 2 weeks earlier,
Good luck

Thankyou ladies, that is of great comfort to me to hear it ain’t so bad!

Cecelia. x