Mastectomy on 6 January


I have very recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and have just been told today that my mastectomy will be on 6 January. So much to absorb. In two weeks time my right breast disappears. It’s unreal. Can anyone tell me what exactly I will look like after the op? I am having tissue expander inserted in case I decide on reconstruction later on in the year.

It’s all so scary!!!

Hi Polly2shoes sorry that you find yourself in this situation especially at this time of the year. I know what you must be feeling as I was dx on 22nd Dec last year with surgery on the 7th Jan. Last Christmas was a bit of a fog for me but try to enjoy having family and friends around you if you can and if you can share your fears with someone it does help. There is a thread on here that gives the times for the BCC helpline over the Christmas period. Do give them a call they are brilliant. I didn’t have any recon with my mx so can’t help with the expander question but I am sure there will be others along soon to help you. Best wishes. Pam x.

Hi Polly2shoes and welcome to the BCC forums

As Pam has suggested, it may help to call our helpline for further support and to talk through your concerns with someone in confidence, here are the Xmas and regular opening times:

Friday 24 December – open 9am – 2pm
Saturday 25 December – closed
Monday 27 December – closed
Tuesday 28 December – closed
Wednesday 29 December – open normal working hours
Thursday 30 December – open normal working hours
Friday 31 December – open 9am – 2pm
Saturday 1 January - closed
Monday 3 January – closed
Tuesday 4 January - open normal working hours
Our regular helpline hours are:
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm
Saturday, 9am - 2pm

We have published a resource pack designed for anyone newly diagnosed which you may find useful, I have also included the link to our booklet about reconstruction which you may also find helpful:*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/82/*/changeTemplate/PublicationDisplay/publicationId/107/

Take care

H there, so sorry you’ve been diagnosed, its a horrible exclusive club but you’ve definitely come to the right place here in the forums. I had a left breast MX on the 28th January last year and an expander implant fitted. I’m due to have it replaced with a permanent silicone implant on 28th January ( a yr to the day - spooky )

What will you look like? i won’t lie it looks odd, but for me not as scary as i had imagined. They will probably attempt to expand slightly at the time of the op, if they can do this then when you awake you’ll have some slight shape - don’t expect too much. the rest will be done over time. The purpose of an expander is purely to stretch the skin so cosmetically it may not be that great but it will get better over time. Mine has uncomfortable for most of the time but to be honest it can be tolerated.

Do you have a breast care nurse? you should be able to see pictures that will give you a better idea.

I’m here for you if you want to speak again or ask anything else. You’re at the worst possible stage - it does get that wee bit easier with time i promise.


Hi! I am 4 days post op - and it’s FINE! Honestly really not ever as bad as you think. I am walking about, doing a bit of cooking. Feeling OK - scared about the results of course…

H x