Mastectomy/reconstruction swimwear


I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer when I was 24 and had a mastectomy followed by reconstruction. Despite this, I still have to wear post surgery swimwear for the coverage it provides as my scar is so high. I still cannot find fashionable, feminine and most importantly affordable, swimwear. I have a holiday booked for February and really want to wear a bikini. Can anyone offer suggestions of where I can look? And is it just me who thinks it’s expensive?

Look forward to hearing from you, Laura

There’s a company called Eloise. If you google it you’ll see it has some lovely stuff. It is in Suffolk but has a place in London too. It does a very good mail order and returns service and the person who runs it is very knowledgable and will advise you over the phone.
I still wear the costumes I bought from her although I am now reconstructed. I’m too old for a bikini but I did buy some nice strappy tops for my holiday which had a bra with pocket inside.

Hi Laura

i was diagnosed in feb (aged 25). My scar is really high too (goes down instead of across) but have managed to find affordable and really nice swimwear from

Hope this helps


Yes swimwear for people who have had a mastectomy is expensive - even with VAT taken off. I have bought two costumes over the internet. I found they have a good return policy if they don’t fit. One was from Nicola Jane - and the other was eloise - I find the costumes I bought comfortable and they give me confidence. I hope this is helpful.

Yeah there is a new one in cambridge and i know of the one in london south wimbledon