Mastectomy & Reconstruction

Hi all,

It’s two and a half weeks since I had my mastectomy and implant reconstruction on my right side. The operation went well and I had my drain removed 5 days ago.

The issue is that half of the wound on the front developed a blister and has gone black, it has been treated 3 times with antiseptic dressings and I will see my surgeon in a couple of days for review. 

I can’t stop worrying about it, and the breast is getting more swollen. The BC nurse changed the dressing yesterday and I see the surgeon in two days for review. But I’m finding it so hard not to spiral in the meantime. Is this all normal? Im so worried the reconstruction will fail.

Im 43 and in very good health otherwise but it’s so hard not to worry when you don’t know what is normal. 

Any words of wisdom would be gratefully received.

Rach x

Dear Rach,

i’m so pleased to join the forum, we are all here for you. Pleased to hear your operation went well and your drains are now out. I’m hope you’re feeling more comfortable.

Take one day at at time, (easy for me to say) anxiety takes such a toll on us, you have been through a lot at such a young age.

Let’s hope when you see your surgeon in the next few days he/she will be able to put your mind at rest, however should you feeling unwell in the meantime, please call your breast cancer nurse In case you have an infection.

Wishing you health and happiness going forward, please let us know how your getting on 

big hugs Tili ???

Thank you for your reply Tili ?

I saw my surgeon today and they have decided they are going to operate on me again next week to remove the blistered area. Although I’m not mad keen on another operation I’m relieved as it means I can stop worrying for now about the blisters! 

I always feel so calm when I’m with the Dr, it’s at home that the anxiety kicks in. But right now I feel not to worried for once, so I’ll take that as a win ?:heart:‍?

Thinking of you, wishing you well for a speedy recovery and let hope you heal well.

 Take good care, lots of rest, some nice treats be kind to yourself brave lady 

hugs Tili ???