Mastectomy, SNB and recon today

Seems like yesterday that I was diagnosed ( was only the start of April) just had breakfast and will be getting mastectomy on one side with silicone reconstruction done and a sentinel node biopsy, much later today.
Feeling fortunate to have not had to have months of chemo before I can even have the operation, there’s always someone else having a far worse ordeal, is what I remind myself.

All the best for today Horseslave, my surgery was a week ago and am waiting for results now !

Are you staying in overnight then if you are later today 


Wishing you all the best, glad my op was in the morning didn’t have ot starve all day.

All the best for today - it will soon be over and the healing can begin

L x

Hi Horseslave


Hope your op is over and went well


Jaye x

Hi hope everything went well for you. Sending hugs x

Well I finally got discharged yesterday. It was no walk in the park and the whole thing was a shock to be honest. They found a third cancerous area so had to change to nearly only offering the mastectomy. I am lucky, I’m told( not sure about that as I’m not comfortable) that I have the implant that expands in the future. I still have A drain in. Incredibly sore, stiff and tired, very low mood. Conflicting advice is starting to wind me up. Breast care nurse gave me this band to keep implant in place to wear around me, plastic surgeon comes along and says I can’t wear it as skin so fragile and thin. Got irritable and fed up in hospital having to tolerate listening to silly neurotic women coming in wasting doctor and nurse time with little twinges that turn out to be wind or pain from being too fat! I kid you not! There are some incredibly stupid people out there.
The nurses were amazing, I was sick on one of them, poor woman, the doctors too were gentle and caring towards me. I couldn’t ask for better care. I feel so miserable and low and don’t know why?! Constantly crying. Biopsy results etc in two weeks, so should be onwards and upwards, shouldn’t it?

Thanks, perhaps I’m not going mad after all. District nurses been to remove last drain, which wasn’t nice and I howled again but they were very sympathetic . They said I was expecting too much of myself at such an early stage and to go easy. The whole thing looks a mess to me, I can’t understand how nurses and doctors can say, that’s lovely and oooo over wounds. Weirdos. I see breast care nurse Thursday to check on progress, results in two weeks, then plastic surgeon at end of month.