Mastectomy swimwear

Hi Ladies

I hope you will beable to help, I am looking for some tankinis for my November holiday (and boy do I need it) I have looked on the normal sites (nicola jane, eloise and amoena). I am quite dissapointed with the choice and the sizes available and a big one the price. Why are we penalised because we have had a mastectomy ( i didnt think I would have to look but my reconstruction failed!!)

I hope you can help me, I hope to go to M & S either later in the week or the week after

Many thanks for looking at my mail

Hi tinfish, yes Ive been looking for tankinis too, with not much luck on the web sites. I did get one from Next, cos it has to be straight across the top of course - which is making finding one difficult, put in tankinis on google and it brings up quite a few sites, otherwise Im going to try John Lewis (not the web) as they used to have a good selection. Let me know if you find a good one!!

Hi Bessieboo

I have seen a halter neck one from Nicola Jane its £38.00 (its called retro chic spotted) for both pieces some charge that for just the top, I have emailed them because I have a large scar on my back from the recon and didnt really want that to show too much.

I will let you know how I get on, keep in touch

Hi Tinfish

Try Landsend - they have fantastic swimwear (for different size torsos, too) and a good mastectomy selection. I buy all my tankinis from them. Lots of things are available as separates, so you can mix and match.

It is worth looking both on their UK and American sites (tip: one ends .com and the other

Hope this helps!



Hi Tinfish

Try Womanzone but on email it is woman-zone . They have most styles made in tankinis plus shorts or bottoms. They also offer to make to order so i could get a longer length.

I’m also a fan of lands end but have only used them for running tops rather then tankinis.

Hope you find something suitable


Hi,went to BHS, M&S, House of Fraser and Debenhams today and none of them had swimwear out (a couple in M&S and end of sale stuff in Debenhams), obviously not supposed to go on holiday in winter!! Or should have known Id get BC at the beginning of summer so I could have stocked up!! Going to look at Landsend and Womanzone now!

Hi - I was looking at Land’s End’s swimwear yesterday - the mastectomy stuff seems to be hard to find.

However, their telephone sales staff are great, so if you can’t find what you want on the website, it might well be worth giving them a ring.

Good hunting!



I got a cossie from womanzone. I like their site as each material is available in so mny differet styles and each item is made to your specs. They have a few special offers (which is what I went for) and I’m very pleased with what turned up.

Thanks Bahons, Ive just looked at that Nicola Jane one, and that looks good - have you got that brochure?


Thanks so much for replying. I am going to Bluewater on Friday so will kewp you posted.

Bessieboo. I am waiting for a cataligue before ordering

Hi Everyone

Just thought I would fill you in on my day yesterday. My daughter took me to Blue water to look for swimsuits and we came home with nothing.

I was reallo dissapointed as lokking on the Nicola Jane website the blue polka dot tankini didnt have my size, this morning however I phoned the London store, they did have my size and after contacting there head office are sending me the suit.

I was also very dissapointed as the Blue water M & S only had about 4 mastectomy bras, do they think we dont need them!!!

Anyway Gold Star to Nicola Jane.

Found the same yesterday in Leeds, nothing! Im sending for that one too - see you on the beach!!!

I had the same problem in Glasgow. Couldn’t believe that M&S didn’t keep mastectomy swimwear in the shops. I went into Debenhams and the fitter in the lingerie department got me sorted with an ordinary tankini. I also ordered one from Amoena. As if it’s not bad enough to have breast cancer you seem to have to pay for it for the rest of your life as well.


Hi everyone I just got a note from a company called Eloise, they have a Huge Warehouse sale on this weekend, on their swimwear, lingerie, bras and briefs, tankinis, sarongs etc.

Their details are :

Thursday 2nd October 5pm - 8pm, Friday 3rd October 5pm - 8-pm Saturday 4th October 10am - 4pm.

Address if anyone is near there. is : First Floor, Truebell House, 58 Lombard Road, London, SW19 3JZ
Underground: South Wimbledon/Morden. Tram Morden Road. Car: Off the A24 - free parking.

Telephone 0845 22 55 080

hope this helps,


Personally, I did not find tankinis at all suitable. They have a habit of falling forward as they are straight across on the top. I buy bikinis from Ameona and Nicola Jane or Eloise. Because they are fitted like a bra, they stay put, even with a heavy waterproof prothesis. The other styles I found very useful are those tank top shaped bikinis. They are also straight across the chest, but because they have proper fitted pockets, don’t gape. I am a keen swimmer, so hunting for swimwear has been one of my biggest trial. But you will get there, and if you find sopmething suitable, buy 2 or 3 so that will see you through for a couple of years.

The best swimwear I bought was a tankini from Nicola Jane, it was navy with polka dots in white, and it was a halter neck. I wear two silicone swimforms from Amoena, as it is good that the water flows through instead of the sponge type foam ones, that when you get out of the water, your top is now weighted down with water and falls at your belly button not a good look on the beach !

This tankini was the best one, it has a small belt in the waist, and briefs, however I did find a pair of swim shorts that were navy, as I prefer them than the pant style. The halter neck part isnt too heavy across the neck either, you can adjust too. The v neckline is good for keeping my femininity. The back isnt too low for me either, i am only a size 8, but my friend bought in a size 14 and it is fine on her back too, as she had reconstruction using the back muscles, and her scars didnt show at all, she loved the style and the retro chic colours…

I do wish they would come out with another colour for this one.

I do however like to keep my femininty and especially on the neckline, I am not so keen on high up necklines, but I know it is difficult when wearing prosthesis and scarring, but hopefully the swimwear ranges will be continuing to give us a wide range of styles to keep us happy on the beach or in the swimming pool.

I sent for that halter neck one, it is lovely - but I dont want to wear prothesis so no good as its got cups, as has every other one Ive sent for! If anyone finds one without cups please let me know? Surely there must be some swimwear for people who dont want to wear anything and havnt had reconstruction.


It looks like we will all be wearing the blue and white spotted one, I was really happy with it and the quality was much better than the M & S one i got and sent back.


I thought I had found a good place for mastectomy swimwear at normal prices called womanzone so I sent off for a tankini and swimsuit, and although I kept the tankini, I had to return the swimsuit because it was see-through! The costumes were made from thin material, unlined and varied from the picture shown. Additionally the slit to push your prostesis into is about 5 inches long so I was worried about the posibility of it slipping out, however I wore the tankini several times on holiday and am glad to say it didn’t move.