Mastectomy tecovery

My op was on 26 October my bandages are off last week but my goodness I’m uncomfortable with it. It’s like pins and needles constant and my clothes touching that area makes more sensitive is this normal

Hi Babypink

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Hi Baby pink

Hang on in there it does get better but takes time.  I had my Mastectomy in May.  Do your exercises however sore it is - if you don’t you won’t get the movement back.  The soreness does go, mine went slowly, some weeks I felt that I had made good progress and others not so good. I didn’t have reconstruction and it took me a few weeks before I could stand wearing a crop top with the prothesis in, as it was very sore. Still don’t like wearing a bra but when I do I feel more feminine. I am now back playing golf, gardening but still get some discomfort. The areas that are numb under my arm I don’t think will get any better and I still have some swelling which may not all go, don’t let it get you down. Good luck x