Mastectomy - to reconstruct or not...that is the question

Good Morning…ok I was told yesterday that I need a Mastectomy but can’t decide whether to have reconstruction or not.  My gut instinct is NOT.  I am a ‘young’ 62 year old and also diabetic.  My Oncologist has told me to go home and think about it.  Just looking to hear about anyone’s experiences and all advice greatly received…now off to read-up on the Mastectomy itself - any advice or tips for when I come home from hospital to help me cope?  I am feeling strong and positive and have all my friends and family around me and have nicknamed us #teamstrong

Hi Jib ,you could post this in the going through treatment- "surgery " section too ,you may get more thoughts about the reconstruction aspect .Good luck whatever you decide .Jill x

Takes a while to find your way around !