Mastectomy under local anesthetic

When I saw my oncologist just before Christmas I asked about getting my remaining boob removed (I don’t want reconstruction). I have just received a letter from my surgeon which contained both good and bad news. Apparently they discussed me at a recent meeting and it seems I have had a good response to the Letrozole (I had a scan last week but don’t get the results until Thursday) which was the good news but the bad news is that they don’t want to remove my remaining boob because of the risks involved with surgery. I guess this is because of my brain mets. I have been looking into the possibility of having it done under local anesthetic. Most of the websites I looked at were American where it seems they commonly do it on older patients to reduce the risk of a general anesthetic. I just wondered if any of you ladies have had or heard of having a mastectomy under a local. I have had surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome done on both my hands under local anesthetic so I am not scared of having it done that way, it’s just a matter of convincing someone to do it. I don’t have cancer in the remaining boob but the thing is a bl***y nuisence because of it’s size!! It was bad enough with two huge boobs but one is even worse. I am now known as wonky due to my wonky legs and eyesight and very wonky false boob that has a habit of wondering. I have a knitted knocker which is fantastic but the problem is getting the underwear to put it in. I take a very large cup size and have found it difficult to find something to fit plus the cost due to fluctuating weight and size changes. Having had huge boobs since I was in primary school I was really looking forward to having a small pert pair that I can throw in the washing machine! So ladies I would be very interested if anyone has had surgery done this way.