Mastectomy with immediate recon - DIEP - Anyone had this recon even with C-Section scar?

I am having mx with immediate recon Mid August as I have my last chemo session 22nd June and PS tells me that I will be undergoing surgery 4-6 weeks after last chemo.
Just wondering if there is any lady out there that has had DIEP after C-Section? I have to have a CT angiogram to make sure the blood vessels in abdomen are ok as surgeon doesn’t want any surprises on the day of surgery. I really would prefer DIEP and not go down the route of implant so any feed back would be appreciated.
Best wishes.
Dani X


Hi Dani,
I wondered if you found out the answer to your question. I have just found out that I had a large area of dcis in addition to the small lump that was excised two weeks ago, and now I have to go back for a mastectomy. I would like immediate recon with DIEP, but I also have a low CS scar.
I hope you have recovered well from chemo and if you’ve already had surgery that it went well, too.


Hi Dani and Carrie,

I had a muscle-sparing TRAM flap reconstruction, which is sort of between a TRAM and a DIEP, with a caesarian scar. My reconstruction was not an immediate one because I had rads and the surgeon felt it was better to domastectomy then rads and then a delayed reconstruction 6 months later. It has been very successful, and I am delighted with the results.

So my situation is not the same as yours, but quite similar, so I think the answer should in general be yes, although obviously your own surgeon is the best person to advise you.

Best wishes,
J x