mastectomy with reconstruction, 3 years on

Just wondering if anyone has had any adjustments to their reconstruction several years afterwards.  I had mastectomy with imediate reconstruction in 2013.  I had gone in for a lumpectomy and they decided last minute i should have a mastectomy instead so I nerver really thought about options, I remember being taken into a room with a BC nurse where we looked through a box of different nipples. God only knows why as I ended up without one  : )

Anyway, I was fitted with an expander and then when the time was right it ws replaced with a permanent implant at the same time as having the other breast reduced.  I am now 3 and a half years on and taking the dreaded tamoxifen.   My real breast is still quite a lot bigger than the artificial breast which is very lumpy and quite into my armpit.   Im generally not too happy about the shape and yes I know we are supposed to be thankful and all the rest…

Its stupid but i feel emarrased and ungrateful to tell my surgeon as i am basically telling him I am not happy with his work, which is awfully rude all considered.  

I dont even know if this is something thats done or even if it would end up being better or worse.  Im not bothered about scars or nipples, its more about the shape in clothes.

 Any thoughts anyone? 

Hi Jomar, I’m 2 and a half years passed mastectomy and immediate recon (sept 14). Although had several complications, infection during chemo so implant removed, expander between chemo and rads, then final implant march 16 with uplift to the good side. I had a 3 d nipple tattoo in march and took a photo for my surgeon. The photo highlighted the size difference. Because it’s over 2 years since diagnosis surgeon said she has to apply for funding to do any symmetry surgery, I had to go to the hospital for medical photos so that she can appeal for funding. Still waiting. Surgeon is very keen to make sure I’m happy with the results so I wouldn’t hesitate if I were you. The process looks like a long one. Let me know how you get on.

Aine, yes I had an uplift at the same time as expander was replaced with perm implant. Definitely worth it, although I’m hoping for further reduction as they are different sizes.

Nipple tattoos done by hospital staff will fade. I’ve found a beauty therapist who does tattoos using same process as eyebrows and other permanent cosmetic tattoos. It look amazing! The process requires a couple of top ups, it faded a little after first session but that is to be expected and so we booked a second appointment for six weeks later. It looks pretty good now, very realistic.

My hospital maxillo facial department also make silicon stick on nipples. They make a mould using your own nipple so the new one matches perfectly, then they colour it it match. The only downside I’ve found is that you stick it on using a copydex type glue which is very difficult to remove, and I worry about scrubbing my thin radiotherapied skin.

But I have te choice now and will probably use the stick on one under summer clothes, didn’t need it under winter woollies!

Definitely makes me feel more confident to see a nipple when I catch myself in the bathroom mirror, so worth looking into it.

Hi I had immediate recon and wa pleased however was massive surgery using s muscle from my back recovery has been slow however I met a lady in hospital who was having recon three years on and trying to improve the scars and feeling her outcome was good and she wished she had moaned at her surgeon earlier instead of feeling grateful for a bad job !you could ask for another surgeon just so you can be honest !