Maxtoplasty today private health insurance rubbish

Due for admission in just over 5 hours having spent most of the night in tears after phone call to axa to confirm code for op to be told that they would not fund the lipofiling to my recon massive indent and would only pay so em of the fees for the mastoplaxty even though had been told from beginning in February that this would be included. Feel totally let down apparently axa have been discussing with my surgeon but no one thought to let me know! Have now been told sfter several phone calls that mastoplaxty will be covered but not lipo. I am acutely aware of disfiguring dent on my upper chest and had psyched myself up for this op f6 months after mx with implant recon, surely someone has a duty of care to inform me that the op we have been discussing is not possible. Was looking forward to getting me back but now will always be disfigured

Yvie, I’m so sorry to read your post about how you’ve been so let down. Nothing I can say will help, but just to let you know I’ll be thinking of you, as will other ladies who read this later today. I have a little understanding of what you must be feeling, as I was left with a very poor shaped breast when I first had bc 5 years ago, and still have that poor shape. I’ve felt very self-conscious about it, but did nothing about it. But the shock of being let down as you have been is really dreadful. Try to relax - very hard I know. Come back to let us know how things are with you.


Take care, Jo x