May rads anyone?

I am starting my rads on 12th May. Three weeks plus one week of boost. I have not had to have chemo, so any effects will be from rads only. Had my wire guided WLE and sentinel node biopsy on 21st March and have started taking Letrozole. I am hoping to be able to work through the 4 weeks of rads as I can’t really afford to take more time off sick, however I am not sure whether I will be able to as I am feeling more tired than usual when I get home from work and my hips and knee joints are beginning to hurt more especially in bed at night. Not sure whether this is due to the Letrozole, standing at work for 8 hour shifts or a combination of both.
Anyone else in a similar situation starting rads in May?

Hi Kacey,

Can I join you? 

I received my rads schedule this morning, and have prep sessions on 4/5 and 6/5, then the actual treatment sessions start 23/5.

Like you, I’ve had WLE (22/1 and 1/4) with the SNB (1/4). I’m so pleased to be starting this next stage of treatment as it’s felt like a long six months since my mammogram in October. There’s only so many biopsies a person can take before they start feeling like a human pin cushion ?.

I’ve been prescribed Tamoxifen, and will start taking it the day after the last rad session - not looking forward to that so much.

Is there anything you can do or take for the joint pain? 

Thanks for starting the May thread.

Best wishes,


Hi! Would like to join you too! Having my last chemotherapy on Tuesday (all being well) and if so will have my first radiotherapy on 25 May. Having 15 sessions. I was diagnosed in November, I’m 52 and had left breast masectomy beginning of December with immediate silicone reconstruction. Hoping the radiotherapy won’t affect it, and although it’s a risk, they don’t seem concerned. I’ll be starting hormone treatment at the same time, most likely Anastrozole, but possibly Tamoxifen as my bones aren’t great!
I’m signed off work until 21 June and work in a school as a teaching assistant. I originally had hoped to start a phased return to work during rads, but the hospital is an hour away and I think I’d just be too tired.
I had my prep session today and tattoos - 3 tiny dots barely visible. Pretty sure I’ll be able to stay comfortable in the position they’ve put me in before marking me up, so I’m not worried at the moment!
Thanks for starting this thread, it will be good to go through it together :slight_smile:
Kim xxx

Hi Kim - Hope everything goes well on Tuesday.  

Any tips for the rads planning sessions? Or is it more a case of letting the medics do their thing?

Cathy x

Thanks Cathy :slight_smile:
I just turned up and they just did their thing! I guess wear as few clothes on your top half as that’s what you’ll have to remove - but then again we’re all used to that now!!

Hello Kerry - Glad the rads are going OK so far. It’s reassuring to hear, and you also sound like one organised lady (treatments, holiday, work, etc). I love the ‘young 50’ description! A few days ago I was feeling like an ‘old 47’ as the whole process from the initial mammogram to surgeries to oncologist consultation felt like a lifetime - but since being told I won’t be having chemo, I’m starting to bounce back to my usual self! Looking forward to your updates x

Hi all, can I join please?!

I’m 36, and diagnosed in October. Had an mx and full node clearance in November. my last Chemo was on Monday, I haven’t been at work since January when chemo started. I’m a police officer so have been unable to work because of infection risk, etc. I’ve been so bored and lonely so am planning phased return of 3hrs per shift starting 16th may and then will carry on during rads. Luckily my hospital is only a 20 min drive away and all my appointments are mid afternoon. I have my planning appointment on 6th may, then Rads starts 23rd may for 3 weeks and tamoxifen after. I’m BRCA/2 positive and will be having a second mx in August. Sissy xx

I love that attitude, Kerry! ?


Hello Sissy - I’m sorry you’ve been through so much already, and have more to come. I bet you’re counting down to the 16th - a school friend of mine joined the Notts force and told me how much she missed the camaraderie of her colleagues when she left. It won’t be long til you’re back. 


Big hugs to all x

Hi all, I’ve just started rads too, 3 sessions in & due to finish on the 18th.

My BC was detected early by routine screening, I had no idea there was a problem, so although none of us wants to be here, I do feel lucky & I’ll never be sceptical about routine breast screening again!

My diagnosis is a small 7mm grade 2 invasive ductal, ER +, excised with clear margins & no node involvement, therefore it’s rads & tamoxifen for me.

Again, I am also lucky that I am able to take time off work to go through treatment & will concentrate on keeping fit.

hugs & best wishes to all



Hi Sissy, so good to hear that you’re taking control by going back to the normalcy of work, although I’ve had my work moans over the years, it’s also good to have the distraction & most importantly, support from colleagues.  Take care x


Hi Kerry, we sound pretty similar even down to the timing!  In respect of screening detection, I’ve felt my case is being treated very much as routine, which is reassuring.


Thanks for starting the thread, Kacey





Ann, thanks for that, I’ve just downloaded it :slight_smile: want to start back at yoga in a couple of months, so that will set me up nicely!

Hi ladies. I start my rads on Thursday 5th. I am worried about it must admit.
I am 35 and was diagnosed end of last August. I have had a masectomy to the left side with immediate reconstruction. I have done 6 sessions of fec-t chemo.
I am told I will be doing the breath hold technique for my rads to move the heart out the way as on the left. All my appointments are after work. I work in a primary school and have been working as much as I can during chemo as I have my own two little risks of infection at home as well as my fiancé working in a school. Didn’t see it increased my risk anymore by being there and it stopped me going stir crazy. Planning on working through the entire rads. Will finish 25th May, just before half term.
My rads hospital is approx an hour in good traffic away from my house. Going to be a long three weeks.
I am worried about how it will effect my family me being back so late. I am worried about how it will effect my implant. I am worried about possible effects no my heart. I am worried I will be unlucky and get very sore and blistered skin. I am worried I will not be able to work for some reason. Flipping whotsit I am worried about a lot.


To add I have the braca1 mutation. Lost my mum to bc 10 years ago 3rd April this year.

I found my bc thanks to a cyst that came up. The cyst was caused by an over excited 10 year old who was going to see santa December 2014. The cyst was drained and checked and came back fine then it came back up a few months later. Told not to worry it would dissappear and if it got any bigger or caused me any problems to call back and they would re check it. It came back a lot bigger and this time they found a lump that was only very tiny behind it. Biopsies etc… every time they drained the cyst it came back bigger.

Basically if it wasn’t for my son elbowing me in the boob I might be dead by now. I was diagnosed with the same aggressive grade 3 er - her2- bc as my mum. It was already to late for her when she found it and mine was deep inside so wouldn’t have found it until it was too late the doctors think.

Makes you think doesn’t it…



Started my rads last week, this afternoon will be my 5th session. I am having 20 in total, 15 to whole breast and 5 booster sessions to the tumour site. No problems so far, I am moisturising twice a day. I had a WLE & SNB in December, followed by 4 sessions of TC chemo (last one on 8/4). I also started on Tamoxifen last week and signed up for the Add-Aspirin Trial.  Physically I coped well with the chemo and various side effects (can’t wait for my hair to grow back) and seem to be fine with radiotherapy too but emotionally I’m still suffering. I cry a lot. I try to be positive and think about getting back to normal but it just seems a long way off. I have no job to go back to as I was made redundant last week (nothing to do with me being off sick, just bad timing as company are getting rid of lots of staff). The thought of having to find another job, going through interviews etc scares me witless! Oh yeah and if one more person tells me I’m lucky I think I’ll scream. I know my cancer was found early and the tumour was removed with good margins and the SNB came back clear and I’m still here with good prospects for the future BUT I don’t feel very lucky having no hair, wonky boobs and being an emotional wreck. Sorry rant over. I’ve not actually felt brave enough to tell my family or friends how I feel when they tell how well I’m doing and how lucky I am, I usually just agree and say how grateful I am!!

Hugs to everyone on this journey, feels like a marathon some days! 

Vik xxx

Hi red Robbin, good luck with the rads tomorrow, I’ve found that once I’m there, it’s a fairly quick in & out & so far, I feel fine.  Do be kind to yourself, you have been through a lot & have a commute to rads on top. As Kerry says you & the family come first, work can wait if needed.  In order to cope with this, I’ve decided to be un-heroic & selfish & have been signed off work for the duration, fortunately, I am in a position to do so. 


ann xxx

Vik I know what you mean. Big hugs xx

Hi Charys! Xx

Thanks Kerry and Ann but work is essential! We don’t earn a lot as a household. With me being hundreds of pounds down this month, thanks to being signed off because chickenpox was going around the school while I was on chemo and had to be off, ditching work is just not an option. Also got a wedding to pay for by next March, month before the wedding. So as you can see I have to just carry on. Could do without having to pay out £40 over the course of planning appointment and rads this month too. That’s without the extra on petrol. Going to be an extremely tight month and really can’t afford to loose any more wages. Cutting my lunch breaks short so I can leave 15 minutes early too so as not to loose a fair chunk over the 3 weeks. I can’t put myself first. I have to pay the bills to put a roof over my boys heads. Used up all my sick pay on my operation and chemo. :-/

I will just pain killer it and carry on! It’s what us brits do best lol xx


Kerry & Red Robin thank you :slight_smile:

Good luck for today’s rads to all you ladies. Feeling more ‘together’ this morning, the tamoxifen definitely gives me ups and downs! 

Red Robin you are an inspiration, hope you have lots of support at work and home.  Your boys have a very strong Mum, hope you have a fantastic wedding next year, something very special to look forward to :slight_smile:


Vik xxx 


Aww shucks Vik! ? you made me blush!
Rads went ok today. 40 minutes delay getting into my appointment. Then I was in there 49 minutes. Got drawn on. They realised it was wrong, wiped it off did it again then x-ray followed straight with radio.
When they came in and said I could put my arms down I was relieved. My right hand had bad pins and needles thanks to the thing your hand/wrist sits in digging in on my arm. I hadn’t even realised until they went out the room as it didn’t feel uncomfortable at first. They are going to move it a bit for tomorrow’s.

Hope everyone elses went well today too xx

Hello all, pre rads appointment done today. I now have my new tattoos. Was all quite straightforward, felt a bit tearful though for some reason. Sissy xx

Hi all,

now half way through, boob feels fine, skin fine & carrying on as usual.

Met a colleague there with her partner, who is undergoing treatment, obviously we would have preferred not to meet under  these circumstances … still, it was good to talk & swap experiences.

best wishes all,