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Im not sure if what is said in the media effects others.this morning I heard yet another bulletin on the news, helpfully suggesting that if women change their lifestyles there will be a reduction in the future in breast cancer,I reaslise that the researchers have a duty to report any new facts,and in some women it may prevent the onset of this awful disease,however it seems as if someone is pointing a finger at those who have already gone through the ordeal suggesting we developed it because we had been or had led an unhealthy life,it offends me,maybe it is just me.
I was dx in2004.Grade3 ERneg,I had lumpectomy,node cleance,cemo,radiotherapy,
I wasnt overweight,I did exercise,Ididnt drink alchol,or smoke,I had taken HRT but had stoped, anyway it was er neg so no connection there
I guess you could say I was just unlucky but ther are probably alot of other unlucky women out there and maybe they find the media insensitive aswell
Thank you for listening.

Hi Orange

I too don’t drink or smoke and am active a size 10-12 post chemo and when the doctors and nurses are told this I feel they look at you with raised eyebrows as if you a daft or lying…to see there face of disbelief somtimes is a picture…I have been wondering also as to why everytime I put on the telly or pick up a paper or mag there seems to be B C rammed down your throat…is it I just didnt take any notice of it before or has it become more prominant in the media over the past 18 months???

I am triple negative, dont have HRT or the pill so what’s my excuse…when I was diagnosed back last year and I went through the cancers in my family with my onc, I asked if B C was caused by smoking and was told no smoking causes Lung Cancer!!! SO WHO DO YOU BELIEVE…

Pamela XX


I can’t agree more with you - everytime I hear a report like this I feel guilty. I feel it tars everyone with the same brush when everyone here knows that every person’s situation is unique.

I heard the “lifestyle change” report this morning. I always went to the gym pre dx several times a week, walked 2 miles a day during my journey to work, I took HRT for 2.5 years after a hysterectomy/oopherectomy but my bc is oestrogen negative. It makes me feel that when other people hear the report they will think my bc is my own fault.

Perhaps I am being oversensitive too.

Sharon x

I read the report too, and at first I thought - oh, here we go again - blame the people for their disease. But, actually, lifestyle changes could maybe have helped just 10% of cases … leaving 90% that it wouldn’t help.
The single biggest risk factor remains growing older - now, if we ould just stop time?
I think we maybe are more sensitive than we were, but I also think there has been a fair bit about BC in the news. What I find really hard is all the email forwards for BC awareness - this last two weeks my inbox has been flooded with them!
Soon October will be over and we will be seeing the Easer eggs on sale again!

I agree with all the above - oh if only we could stop getting older what a stupid useless unhelpful comment. I was diagnosed a year ago and had chemo, surgery and then radiotherapy. I am not overweight never took HRT until now does that count??!!. I remember when I was diagnosed last year the consultant said that Oct was the worst time of the year to be diagnosed with BC as there was overkill in the media and boy was she right. Most of these “research” projects give us supposed reasons as to why we might have got this disease but as far as I am concerned they seem to be clutching at straws and have to try to blame someone or something and I suppose we are probably over sensitive and why shouldn’t we be I say. I,like the first comment states feel quite offended by the assumption that it something we have or haven’t done in our lives. As I have already said I don’t fit into any of their categories, I even breast fed all my children, didn’t take the pill for more than eight years etc etc but here I am a victim of this disease and all that goes with it now and forever - rant , rant , rant. I will stop now and await the next research results with bated breath - maybe we should all get together and write a news piece on how we feel about all these stats and research items!!!

I was 59 just turning 60 when I was diagnosed in July 2006. Hormone receptive. Had mastectomy, chemo and rads and a, now on tamoxifen. I have never been overweight in fact at one time was underweight due to nursing my mother with cancer – not breast cancer. I have never taken the contraceptive pill, had my first and only child when I was 35 (thought I was never going to have any). I have never taken HRT – was not considered suitable for it due to problems with periods – given D&Cs, also hormone treatment - not oestrogen for the problem.

I did smoke for years but gave it up about six years ago as I felt it was time to as I thought it was affecting my circulation, must admit it was the best thing I have ever done. I did and still do enjoy having a drink. I also still eat a certain amount of dairy produce – enjoy my mushrooms fried in butter! I tried for quite a few years before I was diagnosed to eat a healthyish diet without being fanatical about it.

I asked at my diagnosis if there was anything I had done or could have done to avoid breast cancer and was told that if they knew exactly what caused it they would all be millionaires.

Cancer runs in my family in various types, my mother’s they think was ovarian ( she neither smoked or drank) but too late to do anything by the time she went to the doctor, my father’s, lung cancer obviously due to lifelong smoking. As far I know I am the first with breast cancer. I refuse to let any press articles make m e feel guilty about my past or present lifestyle. If your took everything they printed to heart you would never do or eat anything. I prefer to take my advice from the specialists who deal with it every day.

Love and take care

I heard the end of the media report on ITV this evening. It made me very cross!

The comment I heard was that they were blaming it on obesity and lack of exercise. What made me really annoyed was that they quoted figures that thousands of women die of breast cancer mainly caused by obesity and lack of exercise. What they did not say is that there are many, many more surviving breast cancer.

It was a very negative report and very insensitive to us all who are trying to get over it.


I actually contacted ITN itv through there website about this and gave them a peice of my mind…


Thank you to all who have replied to my post,Im so glad to hear that there are others who feel the same as me,maybe its due to anger or oversensitivity but having all gone through so much and also with different prognosis I think it just touches a nerve and reminds us all the time.

I really do understand why and how benificial it is to have all of the media coverage and am grateful that it brings alot of awareness but why does it seem to make so many of us feel so gulity and in a way kind of outcasts because maybe we have caused it to happen?Once you have told people you have got breast cancer so many people know of others that have had it aswell and want to tell you their stories it almost feels as if you are talking about having had a bout of flu.

Sorry it all sounds a bit bitter but three years on and still with the concerns about its return, I do find some coverage about it a little insensitive.