Medical board today

Ive got my medical board today, and I cant believe how nervous I am. I left the RAF in Jan 04…however, the doc did my discharge medical at the same time as my 6 week post-natal check…had a breast exam, she said yes my breasts were lumpy but id just had a baby, which is why she was doing my discharge and 6 week check at the same time, so I didnt have to come back in January with being busy with a small baby. So in a nutshell…my breast exam was null and void if that makes sense…and less than 2 years later im dx with stage 3 bc…hmmm makes you wonder doesnt it! So while lying in bed recovering from an emergency hysterectomy (they found an 8cm cyst on left ovary and couldnt tell what it was 3 hours after finishing all my radiotherapy…gee thanks god you are twisted). I had a look at the british legion website. Phoned them up, and the guy I spoke to was lovely and said…youve got a strong case, put it in, all they can do is say no…so he sent me the forms etc for either compensation or a pension from the military. Sent that off and two weeks later got another batch of forms wanting to know details of my job and where i was exposed to nasties etc, so filled those in and sent those off…expecting any day to get a letter telling me to go away…however, got a letter through a week after that saying I was to attend a medical board where i would be examined by a few doctors who would then compile a report for my claim. Id given permission for my military records to be given to them, as well as copies of my medical documents from the hospital and gp…now theyve asked me…to provide all information, hospital appointment letters, treatment plans oh yes and the best one…proof of surgery…that made me chuckle LOTS, so its a good job ive got no shame lol. The letter also states that this is not like a normal health check, they will not discuss my treatment or my diagnosis (hate to tell them but theyll have no choice), but wish to see how my state of mind is, and how bc affects my every day life…hmmm how can you not discuss a diagnosis then! So dug everything out, all in date order…ive polished my scar(s) so im nice and shiny. Not put any makeup on. Its going to be weird, instead of trying to convince a doctor that im all fine and dandy, im going to have to be brutally honest and say everything that ive had bottled up. Theyve said my time with the doctor will take about an hour and a half…so methinks thats lots of poking and prodding. I am nervous, but I think its the officialdom of it thats got me nervous. Anyway, im rambling on now…so ill go get another cup of tea.

Good luck for today Buttons

xx Jools

Hi Buttons

Just wanted to wish you good luck




Good luck, buttons, Just remember you don,t work for the doc. he works for U, hope that makes U less nervous. God, I,m telling everyone that, next time I c my gp I shall prolly expect him to x my a. instead of usual way around, hahah, prolly the mod will ban my post, lol, but i feel better, got a load of my mind.

G/L n U don,t take any poo from those docs. xxxxxxxxxxx

Hiya Buttons

Good luck for today! You’ve faced surgery, chemo, rads AND hysterectomy, so if you can do all that and keep your sense of humour, then this will be a breeze. Head held high girl, go get em!

Love Julie x

oooooooof OMG how draining was that…i was with him for over 2 hours…and he was thorough ill give him that much…he even measured the difference in my arms, blood pressure, height weight, a poke and a prod around. Asked for in-depth info from what i was like before i joined up, when i joined up, what work i did, and what happend when i left. He looked at the dates of my discharge medical…and my six week check, asked if i was still breastfeeding at time of 6 week check (of which i wasnt only just stopped as it hurt to much on sides of breast, very strange)…so he started frowning…you had your discharge medical at the same time as your six week check, 3 months before you left the air force…so he wasnt a happy chappy about that. Gave him the full ins and outs about the job i was doing, and he wasnt impressed at all about the erm working distances we had for equipment that dished out all sorts of stuff…he asked if we were ever given a detector thing to wear and when i said no he started scribbling furiously. He wanted to know roughly how many girls of the same age as me were working there…so gave him a rough gestimate…and he started scribbling furiously. He did all the psych stuff, which i was expecting…so gave him the full ins and outs…hmmm every appointment ive had theres been something found…its hard living like that, am i going to see the girls grow up, if i dont will they remember me…you know the deep dark thoughts that we all try desperately to banish but they tend to pop up in the dark! So he says he will write his report to the best of his ability, he doesnt make the decision to the outcome…and ill hear from the MOD in due course…so just a case of wait and see now…they can say yes ok then…or theyll say no go away…but if you dont ask!
So am going to put the girls to bed…see what i fancy to eat and probably crash out into bed early as I am 100% exhausted…more mentally drained than anything else.

Hi Buttons,

Keep us posted as I’m v.interested to hear how this goes! What trade we’re you?