Medical certificate for taking drugs abroad when flying


All being well, I am due to fly to Mallorca soon and as I have just gone on to morphine based drugs and loads of other concoctions to combat side effects, I understand I have to have a letter from the GP saying I’m ok with the drugs and the quantities. Think this certificate/letter should cover both customs and the airline baggage allowances etc. Has anyone any advice??

Thanks, Liz

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Hi Liz,
The foreign office avdvises to have a letter Take medicine in or out of the UK - GOV.UK
the Spanish consulate:

Taking medicines and controlled drugs

Although you may carry any medication that has been prescribed by a doctor or which you have bought legally in the UK, a license may be needed depending on the quantity and type of medication taking into Spain.
Firstly, you will need to contact the Home Office Drugs licensing and compliance unit (DLCU) for advice on the exportation of controlled drugs. Their details are as follows:

Home Office

Drugs licensing and compliance unit

4th floor Fry Building

2 Marsham Street

London SW1P 4DF

Tel: 020 7035 6330

If an export license is required by the DLCU then you must send the following documents to the nearest Spanish Consulate with the following:

  1. License for the exportation of controlled drugs (issued by the Home Office)
  2. Full name and contact details of interested party
  3. Photocopy of their passport
  4. Flight details (inbound and outbound)
  5. All destination details
    If an export licence is not required by the DLCU you will not require a Spanish import licence. In this case, the person will only require a covering letter/certificate from the doctor regarding the medication prescribed.\_cglondon.aspx##drugs

I got a ‘To whom it may cncern’ letter from my GP, which said I need to take a variety of drugs, including hydromorphine, and thye were prescribed by him, or something like, and he didn’t even charge me - surprise!! Never needed it tho, but did get a scare I might when sniffer dogs met a flight from the Far East!!

A friend also took a “to whom it may concern” letter, no charge, she was told to take her prescrption sheet with her and keep labels on the medicines, again no bother at customs xx

Thanks everyone. Spoken to the GP surgery this morning and they are doing me a letter. I know I can pack a separate bag with pills etc in but reckon at this rate it may be bigger than the clothes one!

Liz x

Hope you have a fabulous holiday xx

Thanks ladies! I got a to who it may concern yesterday stating that I suffered from secondary bc and that needed all the drugs for my condition. GPs also printed off a copy of my repeat prescription and attached and referred to it, along with the drugs from the hospital. Even more of a bonus - no charge!!!

Liz x