Meet up.. Who's interested?

I’d love to meet some up with some of the members on here so am going to try and arrange something…


We should try and gauge location and timing… So here’s my starter for 10… And because I’m Reading based I’m going to try and organise one less than 2 hrs from me as gotta start somewhere.  

But perhaps if someone is keen more Midlands or north, they could jump in and set one up too??


I’d suggest we meet for pub/cafe lunch in a town - needs to be easy for trains and car parking



If you are keen, which could you get to…? 


  • guildford

  • southampton

  • brighton

  • reading (haha suits me!)

  • london

  • Oxford 


i can do any of those so pop

Chemo could be a prob as some of us have to be hooked up some days and also some work… 

Can you say if weekday or weekend possible?


Helen xxx



Sounds like a great idea Helen. I’m a bit too far , I live in West Midlands.

I’m wondering if anyone would fancy meeting in Birmingham perhaps , my driving ability isn’t great at the mo (chemo fog I think ), so would have to be a train in for me. but there are lots of lovely bars /cafes etc near to New Street station :slight_smile:

Helen, lovely idea, but couldn’t make any of those places, I’m afraid. Instead, would you, and others perhaps, be able to do Cribbs Causeway, near Bristol? I could drive myself, Carolyn52, EJ81 and bonariensis - if they wanted to go, of course! It would probably have to be a weekend, though. Just throwing that idea out there!


Hugs. Barton.x

Helen can do any of those, but maybe aoxford a little far?



Hi Helen,


as we discussed a few weeks back, it would be great to meet up…my first invite/suggestion was for. Brighton, but I think Barton said she couldnt  make that… It might be that people would find London easier if its central South, but im not sure exactly if thats what you meant? Also it depends wether people are driving or not…I guess parking could be a problem in London,   Guildford, or other would also be a possibility, maybe Nicky could make Guidford…?


perhaps it would be helpful for us all to know what days are definitely out, re chemo and appts etc…


once we know a convenient Day of the week then we could perhaps plan where and any practicalities.


i have chemo on Thursdays and one Wed out of three, I see the onc.


Tuesdays or Fridays, are good for me, but Helen has chemo on Fridays, I think. But both Helen and I and any other Eribulin ladies will have a week off where days might be freer.


  SHOULD WE TRY FOR A SATURDAY OR SUNDAY.? That would possibly suit ladies who work.


Oh have just spotted Bartons suggestion for BRISTOL  sorry Barton…could possibly make that on a weekend. Perhaps we could have several dates? But make them all public on here so that people can slot in if they want to.


what do you think?





Great - lets go for a Bristol meet up in oct at a weekend…?

October I can do…
Sat 8
Sun 9
Sat 15
Sun 16

Any takers?!

moijan/avrelia/Nicky plus anyone else??
anyone free for a meet up in Guildford?? My chemo is Tuesday’s and Mondays are no good as have to wait in for district nurse.
What about a wed when you are not seeing onc Moijan? Wed 28 Sep? Wed 5 oct?
Helen xx

Hi you all, I currently live in London, Bristol is going to be a bit far for me, but we can arrange another one either in London, Brighton or Oxford, I can do only weekdays, as during the week I am working. No driving, but trains are OK. 

Wow that tread is getting really exciting. Good one Helen:)

Hi Helen, Barton Carolyn etc


have been looking at the trains. Can do Saturday 8th October, but not 15th. 22nd is another posdibility, but will have to check with P.


Barton, there are three stations apparently, am on the wrong page now, but one is by the shopping centre, is that the onr? if i came by train, I could get there by 9.37, I think itsvia Reading too Helen, but I guess youd prefer to drive? 

Love Moijan

Hi Nicky, could do Basingstoke, tho Guildford is quicker for me as would need to go to clapham junct to get the train… helen was asking me about mid week meetings, i could do a Wed two weeks out of three, but one of those, after blood tests.


Avrelia, might be able to meet in London sometime…just 45 mins each way!.



Hi there, Moijan, whereabout do you live in London, it seems that you are really in my area, if Clapham Juncttion is an option for you. I am in Streatham

Helen, Barton, etc can do 22nd…or will try very hards to get there…just need to look at stations, but i guess soneone might be willing to colkect me from a station…? Cant face driving all that way just now.


Avrelia, i live near Reigate, but would be happy to meet you sonewhere in London one day, trains are pretty good( unless on strike)




Also happy to meet in Guildford as thats a straight train line from Reigate. Can do a wednesday 2time each three weeks Nicky…next werk is my werk off but am busy too, the following week is the onc, the week after, I could make, think thats the 12th. We could meet for lunch, couldnt we? And have a lovely chat. With anyone else who can make it.



Helen, will have a go at pushing a wheelchair, but have really bad knees, they seem a little worse just now.

Hopefully we wont have to travel far by foot. But Barton, if Helen were to drive to the centre you mentioned, would it mean a lng walk frm the car patk? 


Helen, id probably get the train all the way there, because( thank you tho) im not a good passenger…shouted at p today because he belts around blind corners etc. actually got scared at one pint as the car felt out of control!..have bern looking at Bartons travel info, still need to plan my journey in detail bu 22nd is fine.

Sorry for lack of input, have been away for a few days. Need to revisit train times and have a lityle think…,guess earlier would be better. Will have a look when i get home



Hi everyone…found out ive gone completely Raving…15 th is ok for me after all! And Boneriesis pointed out that half term is 22nd…so am very happy to make it the 15th if thats what others would prefer…sorry for confusing things. Just let me know tho…(.spect Helen has now booked a London show… Lol)


yes Helen and Nicky, lets change the 12 th.lets have a rethink…      

tho. My bloods can be done at 8.0 and then I could prob get there by lunch time.




Hi there…has anyone heard from ?Helen?

was wondering if its still 22nd…please confirm(15th or 22nd is fine



If 15/10 is ok, ill buy my ticket over the w/e.please confirm




(???ps sod law I buy my ticket and get ill…but wont think about that…its only £35)

If 15/10 is ok, ill buy my ticket over the w/e.please confirm




(???ps sod law I buy my ticket and get ill…but wont think about that…its only £35)


(Am due for an mri before 26th…bet hosp will do a Saturday clinic! But that could be either sat, so ill chance it. Mris at Marsden are fully booked…got an appyt today for th week after y nc visit!)

Hi, im happy to say 11.30 but not sure exactly what time, will text you when im on the train, but obviously at least Helen will be driving, so ill understand if not everyone replies.


Also, im going to be dressed as a bellringer for warmth and convenience, so please dont expect a vogue model!


By the way, you recall i said they would prob arr my mri for 22nd? Well they have, so good its 15th. All i have to do now is keep well…and hope theres not a train strike either!



Hi ladies, am hoping to get there early, so am not sure yet what time. I understand there are txis. But I will test one of you if need be. 


Love, Moijanxx

Great meet up today …it was nice to get together …must do it again soon.
Xx Carolyn