meeting in london

hi everyone , i am posting to ask if anyone would be interested in meeting in london 5th august.
last year a group of us arranged a meet, near waterloo station, we met around 12.30ish as we travelled up on trains. there were around 16 girls last time. i will have a pink balloon so as you will know who we are. it rained and we stayed in the pub, but if it is sunny we may venture out and sit on the grass.
i believe debs will be putting her name down for this.

Haven’t met on line, but happy to meet if not on holiday. There’s always so much to talk about.

Hi Wonder1 & Kathy,

Count me in too, if I’m not away.I’ve made a note of the date,

Little H x

Hi Wonder!
Yes count me in! Just checked and should have treatment week before so will be ok!!!

love debs xxxx

just wondering if there are anymore interested, is this in the wrong place i wonder?

I would like to come along too.
Loo x

oh, go on then, you forced me!!!

deb x

I’ll be there Wonder. Will travel up from Temple Meads - you?? Going to book my ticket on the train this w/e as it’ll be cheaper to book it in advance. Td xx

need to keep this post going, so remains at front, and people can see it!!

come on everyone, would be great to meet you all. come along xx
deb x

Would like to come along, not sure if I’ll be able to as weds is often my day to see oncologist, but even then could well make it.
Be nice to meet fellow fighters.

hi waiting angel, i am going via southampton…waterloo. the reason for this is because i am meeting zebraff on the train and she is coming up from dorcester way.not sure what time the train gets in, may be around 12…12.30 ish.

if you see where others are coming to, you could meet up with them and come together. some may need to get the underground. waterloo is right by the eye.

so list would be:


do you get my drift?
names can be cut and pasted for you to add your names.

Hi Wonder1

I know I’m being really thick here,but do you want us to add our names to some list? Can I blame chemo brain :slight_smile:


I may be able to make this, depends on childcare! I should be able to get a train direct so should be fairly straightforward.


hi all, the venue has now been edited due to a request to keep things private as this goes out for all public to see.
if you pm me i will give you the exact venue. at present i think saying it is near waterloo station would be fine just to give you an idea of where you might be heading for. yes it might be an idea to copy and paste to make a list of who is coming.

think that might be beyond my technical skills!!! but will be there!! xx

same for me Debs!! bit technical for me, but will give it a go!

Copy and paste, beyond my skills also. ButI’ll be there


I would like to come if childcare permits, i will be in London having rads anyway, so would be nice to pop along.


Hi Wonder1,

Which train will you be on? Trains from here go direct to Waterloo (about 45 mins from here I think) so wondered if I could come if I could manage to get the same train as you guys. I get a panicky when going unfamiliar places by myself at the moment with the breathlessness, tiredness and potential dizziness.

Please PM me with your answer if you prefer.



Today’s chemo was cancelled as I have an open wound where a nail is falling off. Not sure exactly when I will have next one; possibly next Tuesday or Friday so have to work out if that will have an effect on meeting date. Will keep you posted.