Meeting with HR

Hi everyone


I just need some advice, I’ve spoke to my boss today who had told me she needs a catch up with me as I am still off work. Hr will be there too. I’ve been told there is nothing to worry about but I can’t help but worry. 

I had my mastectomy last August and radiotherapy in November and on hormone treatment and waiting for the bisphosphanate infusion. I am struggling with anxiety and not sleeping. I am on mirtazapine for this too. I don’t feel in any shape or form ready to go back to work. Can anyone tell me if they can make me go back to work? 

thanks x

Hi Sunflower14

I work in the public sector and it is common practice there for you to have a meeting with your manager and HR during long term sickness to see how you are. I should have had a meeting with them but they said there was no point yet as I am due to start rads.

As you are absent due to cancer you are now covered by the Disability Act which gives you more protection. They may want to discuss putting a plan together for when you feel ready to return to work.

Have they referred you to occupational health? If not ask if they can as Occupational Health can let you know what support systems are in place to help you