Meeting with onc - Taxotere not working


I have had 6 taxotere and was booking in for 9. However there has been a very slight growth in my lung and liver 1 --2 mm. Obviously the onc doesn’t think there will be any benefit to continue the Taxotere so she has proposed a trial - which i am happy to accept.

I’m just worried that if Taxotere is meant to be the Gold of all chemo and it has stopped been effective with me after 6 sessions does this mean that i am really going to struggle for any of the other chemos the respond well. I have triple negative so chemo is the only option available to me - i must admit I’m kinda of worried about this side of things.

On a positive note I have been offered a trial that is for triple negative patients only, it is comparing 2 drugs one being Xeloda and the other being a name i can’t remember but will ask today when the study nurse gets back in touch with me. It’s somehting like sinnibtum (that’s probably totally wrong!) Anyway this is not a chemo but one of these drugs that stops the blood supply going to the tumours.

Half of me is worried because the taxotere stopped working and the other half thinks well maybe it was fate because if I had had the other 3 taxoteres I may not have got on this trial and this drug may prove to work. In the trial if you get one drug and it stops working you are allowed to swap to the other drug.

Anyway I have got to have lots of tests done before i am accepted and if I am on the trial will have to drive back and forward to Edinburgh a lot more ( I live about 40 minutes away). if you are stuck in traffic at certain times of the day it could take me over and hour. However I am willing to do that and get on the trial.

It’s the worry that the taxotere didn’t keep the cancer from growing very long that’s niggling away at me and worrying me a bit.

Any advice.



Hi Diane

Not sure I can offer any advice, but just a note to say that the onc wouldn’t have offered you the trial if she didn’t think it was worth it for you. Everyone’s different, every cancer is different it seems, and the trial might be just what you need to deal with yours.

Sending hugs and cyber support.


I did post earlier but the gremlins appear to be active.

Diane - I am about 8 weeks behind you with a very similar dx and treatment - although I am having avastin with the taxotere. So far so good for me - but I guess we can only take one step at a time. this trial sounds promising. It sounds like you are getting a very simialr drug to avastin.

I can’t offer any other advice but wish you the best of luck.


,Hi Diane.

it sounds like your onc is on the ball and has organised for you to get on a good trial really quickly, hope that it works out and all the tests go well. I think that you can’t really look at Taxotere as a failure - I had 6 and the onc was pretty clear that 8 or 9 would not have added any additional benefit-so taxotere worked for you pretty well, but not specatcularly well. I hope I am making sense, to put it another way my onc was pretty adament that 6 sessions give the benefit,

There are lots of other options than taxotere that you can go on to …is it sunnitub? i think that someone here is taking it and it is working quite well for them Also this is a really expensive unlicensed drug that you are going to get access to early, so thats great…

take care

es i think it is Sunnitub, I will get this confirmed when the study nurse phones. She has to check my notes to check that I am Progesteron negative as well and then book me in for all my scans etc. They give you a few days so that you can change your mind if you want, but i don’t have any doubts. I will have to have a brain scan so that it is confirmed that it is not in my brain as this is part of the criteria - I hope that will be okay.

I have just googled sunnitub and it’s came up with nothing, does anybody happen to know what this trial drug is called - if not I’ll let you know when she gets back to me,.

Could it be Sutent (sutinib)?


Could well be!


Try "sunitinib " ! (= Sutent)

Hi Diane
could it be bevacizumab if it is I think thats the other name for avastin.
I was on capecitabine for 2 years and it worked really well for me. Hope they get it sorted out for you it is always a worry when 1 drug doesnt work as well as we hoped.
Sorry didnt get to see your interview.

Love Debsxxx

Hi Diane,
Sounds like we are in a similar situation. I have had 6 tax and had scan last week. Scan after three tax showed shrinkage in the tumours (liver and bones) but after 6 they have stopped shrinking. I was due to have another two but as I have fluid collecting in various places, they have put the decision off until next week when I will go back to see the oncologist. Personally I think that the registrar didn’t want to make a decision about whether they will give me two more or change to something else without discussing it with the consultant who wasn’t there on Monday. I will certainly ask about the trial that you mention as I am also triple negative so wasn’t quite sure what might come next.

Keep us posted.


Hi Diane (and Gill)

It is always so disappointing when treatments don’t work as well as we would like. However it does sound really encouraging, Diane, that your onc has got this trial lined up for you. I’m just about to start my 3rd cycle of xeloda and if that is the drug you are given, there’s lots of info available about potential side effects etc.

Hope you too Gill can get something good sorted when you see the onc next week. Waiting is always really difficult.

Love to all


Hiya Diane,

Is the chemo you are thinking of sorafenib (Nexavar®) ?

iI am hoping to get a [hone call tomorrow and will definately get the study nurse to tell me it again and spell it out for me. It is not avastin but it is a drug similar in as much as it cuts of the blood supply to the tumours and is not a chemo, i know it is also given in tablet form. I will keep you all posted.

There is just a little bit niggling at me saying if the cancer started growing a little after 6 taxotere which I believed to be one of the gold chemos them I scared the rest won’t do me any good. Although the onc has always told me that riple negative bc responds well to chemo so maybe mine will be okay with other ones. It would be nice to hear from anybody that has had a not so good response to some chemos but respoded well to others. I was only diagnosed in Feb this year with secondaries so maybe just need a little bit of support form other members!

Diane xx

Hi Diane

Cancer is very unpredictable and what works on some tumours in some people doesn’t work well in others.

I know of people who have had a very good response on xeloda after taxotere has failed.

I can’t remember which other chemos you have had but others which could be tried are vinorilbine, carboplatin or cisplatin and gemcitibine.

It sounds as though you are with a good onc. who is on the ball about trials.

best wishes


Hi Diane…like Jane I know lots who have not had a good response with taxotere…they have gone onto other chemos which worked well…x

Hi Diane

first time i had Bc in nov2005,i had chemo with the Epi-CMF regime first then, 25sessions of Rads…went back to work for 1 year but unfortunately,had another primary on the other side,near the lymph nodes.This time after the operation, onc put me under Taxotere(Docetaxel) but i had a very severe allergic reaction to it…rashes everywhere on my body and face…I am triple negeative too,im only 43 now, so she has changed my chemo from Docetaxel(taxotere) to Paclitaxel(Taxol) which i think is part of the same drug family…Instead of once a month, this is given to me weekly on a 3wk on ,then 1 wk off…so far ok for 1st week…the only delay for me is that i developed an infection on my hickman line exit …so no chemo this week ,meant to be my 2nd weekly…instead i am on 7days antibiotics(penycillin & amoxyxcillin) before the Paclitaxel (Taxol)resumes…
Does it help at all??

The trial I am going on if I am successful is for a drug called Sutent (Sunitinib). I am still waiting to go for a CT scan. I have a an ECG and a bone scan - the doc said he could see something that may be just wear and tear on my spine but sent me for an xray. That’s all i need, just feel like I have no luck at the moment and am terrified to get the brain scan because I have never received anything byt bad news I’m finding it really difficult to think positive!



Hi Diane
just to wish you good luck with the trial piontless to say dont worry about brain scan when I had one a couple of years ago I lay there with everything crossed that could be crossed. I am sure you are due some good news will be praying for you.

Love Debsxxx

Diane - pleased that you are getting on this trial - good luck with the scan - try not to worry.

GillSc - have you had any more news?

Best Wishes to you both.