mega hot flushes

Had the most staggeringly hot hot flush today. I was in hairdressers with a plasticy cape on and a towel pinned round my neck too. Was sat alone, in front of mirror, so could see the full effect! Rivers of sweat running down my beetroot red face. Horrendous.

Just been put onto tamoxifen and think I am having more frequent and more severe flushes. Feel like I can’t win. Aches seem less than on arimidex so thats great!

I am a school teacher and know if I sweat like that in front of the kids they will think I am weird! Embarassing.


I had a few hot flushes when I initially started tamoxifen but (fingers crossed) they have calmed down a lot. Not sure if the fact that I got month 1&2 I had one brand and months 3&4 (when I’ve had very few side-effects) have been a different brand. The change of brand was simply because I used a different pharmacy. Might be my body getting used to the medication or may be the change of brand … might be worth trying a different brand and see if it makes a difference to you too Irene.

Hello Irene. I sweat like that in front of my students (I’m on Aromasin). I carry one of those little battery operated fans in my bag and my students are used to seeing me fish it out and start buzzing away trying to cool down. I just tell them it’s a result of the medication but I agree it is embarrassing not to mention extremely uncomfortable.

About Tamoxifen. I seem to remember reading on this site that the Nolvadex brand gives fewer side effects.

Take care
Anthi x

Got into work at 9, by 9.05 I was having such a mega flush I had to go to the ladies & strip off. Wet all over my upper half. Horrible. Will speak to my pharmacist next time I’m getting a prescription about trying a different brand.

My Mum’s been dealing with flushes for far too many years now (early menopause for her too) and has sent me some Solaris bush flower remedy for when mine start, can’t vouch for it yet but she says it’s the only thing that’s really worked for her. She just sprays her face with it.