Melt down at 2nd chemo

Hi fellow May chemo travellers

I’ve just started 6 months of chemo for triple negative, grade 3, stage 1 cancer. Was diagnosed late April after I found a lump totally unexpectedly after I had (intentionally) lost a bit of weight. It’s been a complete bolt from the blue and now I’m on 4x 3 weekly cycles of carboplatin with weekly Paclitaxel followed by 4x 3 weekly cycles of EC. Waiting for outcome of BRCA test in a few weeks time. The first cycle has been messed up by the bank holidays so is actually happening over 4 weeks. When I’m busy I’m coping ok but any sympathy and it sets me off and I have a major wobble and realise how much residual anxiety I have. I couldn’t stop crying in the day care centre this morning when they were doing my PICC line clean and setting me up for the pre-meds. The nurses were wonderful of course and suggested I contact the counselling team. It just seems I need to have a safe place to have a really good weep every so often away for husband and kids. Anyone else find the same? 

Hope you’re all doing ok xx

southwest girl it’s good to have a good cry it’s usually when you’ve been doing ok with it all then it’ll sneak up on you and you have a good cry glad you had lovely nurses you’ve also safe place on here. Everyone finds their own thing. Spirit and soul equine therapy in Derbyshire worked for me, Sarah the lady who runs and owns it was herself a tnbc so her understanding and the course with the horse she teams you up with helped so much. But as I say everyone finds what works for them :two_hearts: :two_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkles: Shi xx

Hi @southwestgirl  I think I have similar diagnosis to you - tnbc diagnosed a month ago now. I know exactly how you feel, Got through first chemo as obviously still feeling ‘normal’ and guess was focussed on procedure, cold cap etc. but now having big crash at the prospect of 5 more rounds of that plus surgery at the end. Like you I have got very tearful whenever I’ve opened a nice card from someone or got some sympathy. Having talked to a friend who’s been down her own bc path Im going to look into acupuncture and reflexology options this week as she found that helped her - tho I have to say equine therapy sounds pretty amazing (tho not sure I have energy for that right now as have felt sooooo sick since my first session). My friend also told me that it was vital to have a good weep whenever you needed. 
Let me know how you get on xxx