Menopause or is it Arimidex

Hi everyone, not sure where to post this so will also post it on “after treatment has finished” as I am 3 years down the line and just on arimidex now (47 when diagnosed). Had oophorectomy in April and was started on Arimidex, having the usual aches and pains that seem to go with the arimidex but i can cope with this as its not too bad. The problem is the low moods, feeling tearful and being really down. Before BC I was always really happy and bubbly, nothing bothered me but now it is a real effort to laugh. The moods come and go but it makes me so miserable. My doctor says this is perfectly normal as the last 3 years have been very difficult, especially with a severely physically disabled 20 year old son who needs round the clock care - he is very bright, has just sat his A levels so needs a lot of mental stimulation. GP also said that these symptoms are typical of menopause whether you have BC or not, just the arimidex will make the symptoms worse. As I am sitting here typing I am close to tears, I try to “pull my myself together” but it just seems to make things worse. My Dad is in a hospice at present as he has terminal cancer which has spread everywhere, Mum keeps going into graphic detail about the treatments he is having which is scaring me even more, so I just feel like I want to run away, being a big baby and not trying to make the best of things. Any encouragement from you lovely ladies out there would be really appreciated.

Love Jannie1