Good morning Ladies,
Just a quick post to wish you all a very merry xmas and a happy new year to you all. I have been through the mill too. But you can come out the other side!!
I was diagnosed Feb 06, IDC,Grade 3, 6 Lymph Nodes involved.3 cm tumor. Her2 posotive. Er + Pr -.
Full Mastectomy, immediate recon.
Recon went wrong - Necrotic back to theatre, cut most of it away. Since recon under my left armpit!!
Chemo 4 Epi 4 CMF Radio, and only managed 11 Herceptine out of 17 because went into Heart failure due to Herceptin - But hey Ladies and Gents still here !!!
I used to think when i posted on here on a regular basis how great it was to hear from others who had been through similar experiences and still around to tell their tales - so to speak.
Come on girls mine is a posotive story, keep your chins up - I know its hard, but I am looking forward to xmas with my children who are now 21 and 14. Still get my dark days and so will you, but let me tell you the longer time goes on it does get easier, but yes still there in the back of your minds.
I was 41 when diagnosed, Will be 4 years nxt feb!!!
Good luck to all you Ladies and Gents who are just beginning their journey, but there is light at the end of the Tunnel!!!
Love to you all and if you need someone to talk to or if I can be of any help to you then pls message me.

Well all I can say is you`re an inspiration to wimps like me,the seasons greetings to you also xx

Hi Tracey, Well done you. I used to love Christmas, especially when the girls were wee. But now I am afraid that I just cannot get into the swing of it all. (This is totally different if there are wee ones looking forward to Santa and appearing in Nativity plays…oh the sweet memories!) But I do not enjoy Christmas and New year at all and it seems such a lot of effort for one day. I bought my Dad, who is 85, his Christmas present yesterday and something for my daughter who lives in France. But Jo doesn’t come home for Christmas now as they drive north to Brittany to celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve where they have a lovely meal with her OH’s family. Then on Christmas day they walk to the beach, maybe go out in their boat ( lucky devils), and cook nothing on the day at all. She says she loves it and they go to visit friends in the area.
I have said this on the forums once before but will repaet it …I asked my daughters what their fondest memory of Xmas was…both said it was the year we didn’t cook, OH was on an early shift in the Hospital so we sat around all morning in our jammies then a long soak in the bath, opening a few presents, watching TV and chilling out. They when OH got home we phoned for a carry out Chinese meal and got it delivered to the door…NO washing up, No enormous food shopping, no cooking and a very unstressed family…that was their best Xmas.
The Christmas card thing got beyond a joke for me. I used to send about 100 cards. Last year I said I was sending NONE. Chickened out in the end as I sat in my house looking at al the beautiful cards friends and family sent us…So spent 2 nights frantically writing out cards. I have bought none again this year, no tree and no decorations. But I am no scrooge …I am not depressed and talking to others of my age, there are a lot of people out there with similar feelings.
I wish I could be more enthusiastic and get into the spirit of things. We do celebrate Christmas but for me it is a quiet affair with good friends, good food and lots of nice things to drink. I wish I could get into the swing of it when I read everyone talking about what they have been doing…but until the grandchildren enter the world, I think this will be how it is. I wish you ALL the very best for Christmas and New Year and the door is always open…Is there anyone else out there who thinks like this…or am I the only one…LOve to all, kove Val XX

Hi Tracey,

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year to you too…!

Thanks for coming on and cheering me up… So Nice to hear a positive story. It is greatly appreciated when ladies like yourself to come on years down the line and show us that light at the end of the tunnel…

Thanks and Best wishes

Fiona xx