Message for AlisonCamera re the blue dye test

Message for AlisonCamera re the blue dye test

Message for AlisonCamera re the blue dye test Hi AC

Just read your post about the Sentinal Node test with blue dye. Bit of my boob is still blue like a smurf, hence my nickname! Thought I’d try and describe what they did to me which might help you.

I went to the relevant department a few hours before my op. I had an injection in my boob, which considering I have a needle phobia wasn’t too bad. They try and create a sort of blister type thing. A little plaster was put over the injection site and I was asked to place a cotton wool ball on it and massage the spot, which helps distribute the dye. Sounds bizarre and now I look back was quite amusing but I admit I was worried about the whole process at the time.

I was then placed on a narrow bench/bed and there were two big cameras put into place which I admit do come pretty close to you but don’t worry someone is in the room with you so you can talk to them so you won’t feel too claustrophobic. I then had to stretch my left arm out (my left boob had the lump in) to shoulder height for 20 minutes. I won’t lie to you this is hard as I got pins and needles in my hand and my arm stiffened up! but wiggle your fingers and it should help.

Then changed camera angles and moved my arm to another position again had to hold it I think with one hand behind my head for about 10 minutes.

Whole process takes 30-45 minutes. It doesn’t hurt apart from the little jab at the beginning and it’s just a bit uncomfortable holding your arm in the same position. I just gabbled away to the nurses/female technician controlling the cameras as a distraction.

This basically shows up the sentinal node so the surgeon knows which one to take out for testing. They also inject something which generates the blue boob effect when you are under anaesthetic. I think this also shows up the lump. This sentinal node test is also used on women who are having mastectomies as well.

It’s all good stuff and designed to make the surgery easier so they can pinpoint everything.

Hope this helps and good luck with your surgery. Keep in touch

GS :slight_smile:

i’m not having the sentinal node test, its being done whilst i am having some lymphnodes taken out during surgery, the one who is doing the surgery is not trained in that, but he is doing the reconstruction, whereas the consultant who can do that can’t do reconstruction! all very confusing! GS, it is really so good to hear from you, thank you and i take on board all that you and all the other lovely people say to me