Message for Annafiz

Message for Annafiz

Message for Annafiz Hi Anna
I know you must be rushed off your feet but I wondered how the healing was going and if Miss S has managed to help it? If you have a minute let me know.

Hi Beverely

Yep its a bit mad here at the moment…managed to cook spag bol before tom finished school which made things a little less stressful…
On the wound front…saw Viv (dressing nurse) who had been primed by Miss S…she discovered that i had 8+ dissolvable stitches which werent dissolving and irritating wound and stopping it from healing…it was looking better since they washed off iodine and steristrips were removed…so should start to heal now!! Fingers xd!!
Miss S had a gander and looked pleased, i have to go back again next wed…hopefully the last time…

Otherwise just tired from not sleeping that well since bambinos returned…better today tho…driving no probs…bit of burning very low below tummy scar similar to what i had in hospital…swelling in boob gradually going down but still very hard, getting a bit fed up of washing hair in kitchen sink tho…cant wait to have a shower!!

Hows your back feeling this week??
Do you have any follow up appointments pending?

Lots of love Anna xxx

Hi Anna

Glad to hear healing going better. Are you just getting too tired to sleep properly? Try some calms or something similar. It took my boob at least 6 months for all the swelling to go down - that was when I started to worry about the hardness in my breast as I was just feeling the edge of the flap for the first time without any swelling. Ask Miss S about the pain in your tummy - had a very sharp pain in my tummy when I went to clean the shower one day a few weeks after op and it hurt badly for some time even with trousers just lying against it. Asked Mr H at appointment what it could be and he told me it was where they cut into my muscle. Still gives me grief every now and then but at least I know what it is.
I am having my tatoo on 10th July - that is if my nipple hasn’t faded into the distance by then. I don’t have a follow up with Mr H till December. I’ve an appintment with Mr P on the 3rd September.
My back is tons better and managed a full week at work but it looks as if weather is going to be bad for weekend. I expect you have got fog as well as the terrible rain and thunder. My daughter flew in from Perth (Scotland - was up there for work) had a terrible flight. Over an hour delayed, then the climate control packed up so they were boiling hot, then they thought they were going to be diverted to Birmingham because of fog at Norwich, when they did try to land they got it wrong first time around and had to circle round and came down with a real thud on landing. I waited up till 12.00am to get a text message to say she had landed. The worry about kids never leaves you!
Try to get some rest this weekend and don’t do too much. The kids will survive with a little less than perfect service from their mother for a few weeks!
Be kind to yourself.

Hi Beverley

Sleeping ok again now…it was just easing back into mummy mode at night…slept really lightly as listening out for them…managing to relax more now and get into deep sleep…adrian has been getting up with them every morning so i dint have to rush first thing…i think you are right re cutting into muscle…i bet thats what it is…i suppose they have to do that to isolate vessels!!

Had another oozy area the other side…leaked thru edge of dressing bra and top…nice…the main area looking much better tho and all dry. Have changed my dressing…will keep and eye on it…i suspect there might be one last suture there!!

God this weather is terrible, rosie and i popped into the city first thing…kept to chapelfield…your daughters flight sounds hairraising poor girl must have been terrified!!!

Good luck with tatooing, say hi to ruth for me!!! Cant believe ill be having mine done for over a year if i have to have the whole thing relocated!!

Will be a lazy lady over the weekend…looking forward to a proper lie in!!

Take care
Anna xx

Hi Beverley

Me again…quick question…when did you start ironing and hoovering again post op…???

Thanx in advance
Anna xxx