Message for BCC

Message for BCC

Message for BCC The provision of this site and your other facilities/literature have proved invaluable for many sufferers of breast cancer.

However, your silence on the issue of contact buttons continues to irk. Earlier this year, you said that these would be re-introduced, but, as yet, nothing has happened. It would be nice to be told what is going on.


contact buttons Yes, pleeeeze!! bring the facility back. I live in a very isolated part of Cornwall, with no support groups nearby, and I have never seen any of your back up services in Plymouth - which, by the way, is a 3 hour round trip by car, ferry and taxi, but which I would make the effort to attend, if available.

Although I have found a veritable font of knowledge here on the site, I would like to be able to contact some posters privately, so as not to intrude on some other ladies’ posts.


Yes please We have heard (so many times) your arguments for and against contact buttons. Why has it not been possible in a year, for them to be reinstated? I know I could use ‘the other site’, but I don’t want to. I want all my eggs in one basket, i.e., the benefit of BCCs knowledge base and information, behind my support site of choice. I have stuck with this site throughout the past year but I have to say it lacks the spark and dynamism of yesteryear. There are a fraction of the number of postings, there is little sense of fun and reduced camerarderie. I know of very many women who say they simply do not use this site any more.

Do you consider this to be progress? I hope that feedback from these forums will be taken into consideration when preparing budgets for the next financial year.


Ditto everything Jenny said.

Most people who use the ‘other site’ use this one as well, and of course some people use other bc support sites too. Many many people feel the same disappointment with this site that Jennifer describes - in fact that was why the ‘other site’ was set up in the first place. Someone remarked in a post yesterday that it was ‘like the BCC forums used to be’, and certainly the camaraderie is wonderful and there is great support as well as fun to be had.

I want there to be contact buttons on this site; I want to use this site as well as the other one - in fact I want the ‘other site’ to be unneccessary - but the truth is I’m bored rigid with it, there are so few posts. Stay away from the ‘other site’ for a few days and you’ll often have hundreds of posts to catch up with; stay away from here for a few days and it usually takes you minutes to catch up.

Clearly bcpals is providing something this one no longer does, and it ain’t just contact buttons.

Yes contact buttons needed but great site Yes I am fed up with waiting for the return of the contact buttons and a private messaging system on this site. I also think there are other technical aspects which BCC could improve on which the other site has…like an alert system when someone posts to a thread you’ve responded to…

but in general I think this site is an excellent resource. I’m coming up to 3 years of using it very regularly and for me it beats any of the other sites I use.

I think the users of any site make the site, and yes the tone and atmosphere of any site changes over time, but this site has consistently met my needs…a place to share information and offer and receive support of people affected by breast cancer and to talk about breast cancer issues.

My cancer buddies are mainly women I’ve met through this site…most during the first months after I first logged on (didn’t find the site till 4 months after diagnosis). I think those women we meet in the early days after diagnosis perhaps stay most special whereever we ‘meet’ them.

There is camaraderie on both sites…anyone who doubts this about the BCC site should read the stunning moving threads in the younger woman’s forum.

I think those who started the ‘other’ site have done a great job and set up a site which clearly meet some women’s needs not met here…not least the insatiable appetite for word games among many women with bc (well over half the posts on the other site are to the word games which I have no interest in…being a grumpy old woman I guess.)

So back to the topic of this thread…yes please re introduce contact buttons so that new people joining this site can have the isntant personal messaging that those of us who first logged on 4/3/2 years ago were able to enjoy.


Ditto all of the above.
The most frustrating thing about BCC is that it says it provides ‘someone to talk to’ but actually I have found the lack of opportunity to build direct contact with real people with breast cancer one of the hardest things about this illness.
Contact buttons, and Jane’s suggestion of an alert when someone responds to a post, would be really helpful. Now I’ve seen the reference to ‘bcpals’ I’ll happily take a look there.

Please listen to us As you can see from the posts above, BCC’s decision to remain silent on this issue remains deeply unpopular.

Why is there no response?


My neighbour, who is manager at LloydsTSB is following this thread with interest…

contact buttons Just to say that I fully endorse all comments made regarding the issue of contact buttons.

When I was first diagnosed nearly three years ago many people made personal contact through the contact buttons with me. I made in particular an extremely good friend who I would never had met without the contact button. I am extremely grateful to BCC for this. My friend is currently very unwell, dealing with secondary bc and I am she would welcome the contact buttons where personal contact could be made. Some people find it very difficult to post messages that they would rather keep private and confidential in an open Forum that can be read by any member of the public.

I think that BCC should give us information about this issue a.s.a.p.


Hi Joan I just wanted to say how much I agree with you over the disclosing of personal and sometimes distressing symptoms of breast cancer. I realise it’s not considered a problem by everyone but I know I would never want to disclose any distressing pain or other symptoms on the world wide web for anyone who just happened to be passing by to read.
I feel very well at the moment but if, when, I don’t feel well only my friends I have made (thanks to the OLD contact buttons) will be kept in contact with.
I’m so sorry your friend is missing out on all the support and friendship (and knowledge) I’ve found away from these forums.

I do not understand BCC’s downright rude attitude in not responding to any of the posts in this thread.

It is the way to lose people…


Hi Mcgle. I have (sadly) given up.

Hi I agree with you all I used to use this site alot, but for the last few months have been on the other one. I like this site but at the moment in time it feels a bit flat. the advice we get here is great but I to would like contract buttons. Because for them I now meet up often with people from where I live, if I had not had that facillty it would not have happened. Please listen to the people who use this site Val

Just thought that I would add my thoughts to this one…

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and going through a challenging time with chemo, I did not want to talk to anyone about it. I did not want to join support groups where I could meet with others like me.
But to go onto a website where I am basically anonymous was extremely helpful. No-one in the outside world would know just how bad I felt at times (only my closest family and my vicar).

But I must say that there has been once or twice when I would have liked to send a personal note to someone.

However I still have found this site invaluable during these past challenging months. And so I would like to send my thanks to BCC for this site.


In essence, Lambkin, I agree with your view that BCC provides invaluable sources of support throughout the whole breast cancer experience.

My gripe is that we were told the contact buttons would be reinstated, and this clearly has not happened.

As another poster said, we would like to have some honesty on this issue, and not be just blatantly ignored.


what i do find amazing is the lack of response from BCC !!!

someone post an email address or contact telephone number and they’ll be on like a shot!

More information Dear forum members

You may find the announcement at the top of this room entitled development in interactive services of interest

Best wishes


Breast Cancer Care

Thank you, Breast Cancer Care. I look forward to these new developments in the near future.