Message for Bettyboo

Hi Tracy. I have left you a mesage in Special Room for private messages in Private MessagesI have never used this facility before so have made a total mess of it I think so hope you get it!
Love Jillian

Hi Jillian,
Good to hear from you. Didn’t know about the special room - not very good with computers but will find it and send you a reply.
Hope you are feeling well, was getting worried about you as I hadn’t seen you online for a while. I will go and find this special room,
sending lol,
Tracy xxx

Hi Tracy, Great to hear from you. Glad you got my message, my computer skills are not that good either, every time I post I wonder if its gone in the right place! I did not have a very good experience at my local hospital during my stay so it all got on top of me last night and I posted a rather long ranting post in Undergoing treatment under What Advice would you give medical staff, but I do feel better for letting it all out. and I am having a much better day today. The lovely people on here are so supportive. Best of Luck with the 2nd chemo, let me know how you get on I will be thinking of you. Speak Soon
Take Care
Lots of love

Hi Jillian,
Sorry not been on for a couple of days. Had chemo on Tues and am feeling wacked out. Spent most of the two days in and out of bed. Luckily my OH is off work this week so I can just sleep when I need to.
Sorry to hear your having a bad time - I hope you let them know you weren’t happy. As if you need anything else to worry about.
I will go and have a quick look in the private room.
When is your next treatment???
Sending lol, please stay as upbeat as you can, I know it seems to get harder not easier to accept what life is throwing at us. Thinking of you,
Tracy xxxx

Hi Tracy,
Sorry to hear you have not been too good after the last chemo. I was not sure what day you went. Try and rest as much as you can. I tended to push myself at the first one but soon learnt to listen to my body. The hospital experience was horrendous and I wont be going back there. My oncology dept is quite a distance from where I live and the oncologists visit the hospital once a week to give the chemo. I have informed my Breast Care Nurse and she is requesting my medical notes. I have my next chemo on Monday, so another one down. The side effects are rotten but I just keep telling myself its because its working.Ive got mouth ulcers but my GP given me some great gel called GELCLAIR worth making a note just in case, it really is good, quite expensive but as Loreal say “We are worth it”!. Hope Tracy you fee a littlel better when you read this and thank you for your continued support Im always here for you too. Speak soon.
Lots of Love