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Hello my friend

How are you doing lady? I was thinking about you over the weekend and wondered how you were getting on. We started this journey at the same time and swapped many amusing stories re tartan jammies, anaesthetists etc. and, hopefully, helped each other along the way. I’ve finished all my treatment now (triple neg) and am going to see the Onc tomorrow for a check up following rads. Hasn’t this year flown by (mind you, I wouldn’t have wanted it to go slower lol), it’s nearly a year since I was diagnosed. Have started to do some Christmas shopping and I’m determined that this year it’s going to be fab, as last year it was cr*p. I’ve warned everyone that if the house looks like Santa’s grotto - deal with it. Decided not to go back to work until after Christmas as I wanted some ‘me’ time and am beginning to regret it now as I’m sooooooooooo bored (serves me right).

Anyway, let me know how you are.

Love & hugs

Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

LOL…well…where do i start lol.
Erm lets see…onc gave me the all clear to push for more surgery as in getting sterilised…so stamped my feet at the doctors and got referred. Now I finished all my treatment on the 27 september or something like that anyway lol…and saw the gynae that afternoon…who found a massive cyst on left ovary…so bloods and scans done…then had to go back a week later…and guess what had to have a total hysterectomy, had that on the 26th october…2 days after my birthday lol. Erm, recovering well from that…its all just doing my head in…get my results back next tuesday. However…erm had a job interview on tuesday (took painkillers before i went) and I start on monday…woohoo for me. Its only a few hours per day…sat on my bum typing…now i can do that lol. Hubs wanted me to wait til after xmas etc…but what part of if i have to stay in these 4 walls much longer ill scream. Apart from that…doing fine…just sick of the ongoing bits and pieces ah well…always knew i was special lol

oh yeah and my tartan jammies are still going strong lol

Blimey girl, you’ve been busy! Glad to see the tartan jammies are still going strong. Well done with the job interview and I hope you enjoy sitting on your bum AND getting paid for it (if I got paid for sitting on my bum, I’d be loaded now lol). Went to see the Onc on Wednesday and he’s discharged me!!! Don’t know if I’m happy with that, but he seems to think it’s good, so we’ll have to wait and see. Good luck for Tuesday, let me know.

Love Julie xxx

Good for you chica. The bit thats winding me up at the moment is the ‘hurry up and wait’ for results…well if its not one thing its something else. Mind you this will amuse you…have applied for a job up at the hospital…one of many lol…in the infection control team…i was asked what do you know about infection control…oh i was amused lol…lots. So just waiting on the email to see if ive been shortlisted etc…hope so, cos it sounds a really good job.

I think its great youve been discharged…but youve just got to get your head round everything thats been going on this last year…geeesh has it really been a year, blimey. I’ll let you know how my first evening job wise goes…and will deffo let you know how i get on on the tuesday, wont be til late as im at work til 9pm…hark at me…at work…lol. Dont think the doc is going to be happy about me starting work 3 weeks post op…but tough…hes not got my body…hes not living in my head…and hes not paying my bills lol.