message for candys

message for candys

message for candys Hi Candy

nice to hear from you, I am glad that they have sorted out your expander, hopefully it should make a some of difference and settle down…my arm keeps aching for some reason on that side…mind in over drive yet again…

I hope all goes well for you on wednesday, do let me know how you get on - oh yes 4th chemo on Friday, at least I will be nearly home and dry in 7 weeks time it will be all over, I was reading the post about people being upset about not having it any more!!! I found that a bit strange but I will see how I feel after its over…hopefully elated…and back to some sort of normality.

best wishes my love
Love Lucy

starting chemo Hello Lucy,

I rang the chemo ward today and they have booked me in for next Wednesday, not too sure if i am pleased or not as i just want to get it over and done with now!

Hope all goes ok for Friday take care,


Hi Candy

your message seems down, don’t be my love just think the sooner it starts the quicker it is over…don’t let it torment you it is hard for some but others seem to sail through with no problems hardly, I am sick with antibiotics so it was a forgone conclusion that I would be ill with chemo, but i am not as ill as when I first had it…

Thank you for thinking of me that is nice…

just remeber if you are ill with it not to leave it too long ring the emergency number they give you day or night…

my thoughts and best wishes will be with you let me know how you get on…


Re chemo Hello Lucy,

Thanks for replying, yes i do feel a bit down today i think it has finally hit me that i will be having chemo with the side effects to deal with and the fear of the unknown, as to how i am going to react and the fact that i will be losing my hair, my son (aged 11) is upset about this and i think this is playing on my mind aswell even though i know it will grow back.

Best wishes Candy.

Hi Candy

I am sorry you feel down, we all get day’s like that, please don’t be scared of chemo, I don’t know which ones you are having but there are drugs to combat sickness and heartburn etc, just make sure you tell them if you have side efects you may well not have any…

Hair loss is hard and I can see where your son is coming from, he’s at that age I guess…that’s a difficult one, but Candy your hair will grow back and you will still be here for your son now and long afterwards…I brought a wig and bandannas before I lost my hair…it is starting to grow already 3 chemos down the line…

just take each day as it comes my love, thinking of you

love as alwys Lucy

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