Message for ceegra

Hi there.

You are a great help on this site by the way - always there to offer support. Thank you. Maybe your lump was bloody because all the other gunk had been removed - like when a spot is squeezed until blood comes out when the gunk is out? In any case, I really think you should ask to see them to explain why they didn’t send the new stuff off to the lab and also ask them to explain why the lump may keep coming back. It is clearly causing you stress and worry and even if it is harmless, you are not getting answers or explanations. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask for a consultation so you can finally put things to bed.

Good luck,


hi all,
oh sweet clare i hope your ok, it will soon be over babe, and they send the tissue to histology thats how they test for bc
my first lot of tar stuff was sent to bacteriology to see if there was an infection, which came bk clear for infection so i couldnt have an abcess lol but would the consult hear that nope he just said i had still had a abcess its just that on the petre dishes nothing fungal grew lol

does he think i,m thick i think so.

my doc is wonderful it is the consult that has been the pain, but event i will get to the core of this, i just wanna break at the mo, next time i see my lady gp she will sort him out,lol

the breast is the one that had an inverted nipple then bout 6 months or so it came out lol think it felt lonely on its own lol
larry is still there today plus of all the days i got a period 1st in 18 months grrrrrh
thought i had finished with them.

on relationships my dear hubby is wonderful, because of my health he really does do everything except the shopping, he is my rock

FIREMEN let me at em,lol oooh strong virile muscles oh the thought lol
clare i will pray your results will be neg and that you will sail through this proceedure

love and blessings to u all