Message for Dahlia

Hi Dahlia

I don’t mind at all for your interjection. Thank you so much for suggesting I read that article - it was excellent and provided a much needed boost. Whether it was the article which helped to put things into perspective or whether it was last weekend I spent at my son’s house being pampered I don’t know, but I feel much stronger both mentally and physically.

The insidious little blighter has had to take a back seat recently (where I hope it remains for as long as possible) because I have been immersed in helping my daughter to get ready for her return to Uni last weekend. She is at Uni in the same city where my son lives so the weekend, although busy, was like a mini-break for me. I was away from everything medical and for once, in a very long time, I actually felt “normal” (or as near normal as it’s possible to feel in this situation).

From what you write, it would appear that you are one year or so post treatment. That must feel quite good. Are you undergoing any further treatment - AI’s, Herceptin, Tamoxifen?

Once again thanks for your help.

Jibby X